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Why Invest in the Blue World City Islamabad?

Investing in any property is a huge decision, and investors think twice before making any final decision. They continuously think about what the project will bring for them and whether the investment will bring benefits or not. Therefore, they always try to invest in a housing scheme where they can get a high return on their investment. And nowadays we all know that the best project in terms of investment opportunities is the Blue World City. So, here will discuss why you need to invest in BWC.

Blue World City Developers

In the twin urban areas, Blue Group of Companies, in cooperation with Shah Jian Municipal engineering, is developing a super endeavor. The project aims to provide a highly liberal lifestyle to the residents of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The developers of the Blue World City Islamabad are dedicated to offering the first tourist-built housing city to the inhabitants of the twin cities and also to people from all over the world.

Furthermore, when it comes to the development of Blue World City Islamabad, it is continuing, and the city is developing at a rapid pace. There are many blocks in the housing schemes, and the files of these blocks are selling rapidly. It means that many people are investing in society. According to the recent update, all plots in the general and overseas blocks of the BWC have been sold. So, let’s get to know why people invest in these blocks.

Location And Accessibility

The first reason to invest in the housing scheme is its location. The project is located in the most accessible location. Blue world city’s location enables the residents to reach the society from any main point of the city, whether it is from M2 Motorway or Chakri road. The accessibility of the housing schemes to other main points is as follows:

  • Adjacent to the Chakri road.
  • Adjacent to the Chakri Interchange.
  • Almost 31 min drive to reach New Islamabad Airport
  • To reach Chakri M2 Toll Plaza, a 13 min drive is required.
  • Approximately 32 min away from Rawalpindi.
  • 57 min drive from Rawat Islamabad.
  • Almost 33 min drive from Khanial Homes.
  • From National Highway (N-5), you have to drive 48 min.
  • Almost 13 min drive from Rawalpindi Race Club.
  • Almost 60 min drive from Saddar, Rawalpindi.

Blue World City Payment Plan

The Blue World City Payment Plan is different for different blocks in the housing schemes. There are different blocks such as the General block, Overseas block, Awami block, Waterfront District Block, Hollywood block, and Sports valley block. In addition, the plot size in each plot is also different from one another. The facilities and amenities in each block are also different in each block. For example, the Hollywood block is very exclusive, and investors from the lower and middle classes cannot afford it. Similarly, the overseas block has been planned for only overseas Pakistanis.

So, the developers of Blue World City have introduced all types of blocks for all types of investors with easy and affordable payment plans. It is the reason all plots in the general and overseas blocks have been sold out. So, we can say that it is one of the reasons you need to invest in Blue World City Islamabad.

Facilities And Amenities At BWC

The other reason you should invest in Blue World City is the amenities and facilities available in this state-of-the-art housing society. The residents of the society can get all the facilities and amenities necessary to live a luxurious and elegant lifestyle. Whether you are seeking basic utilizes water, gas, or electricity, or you are looking for high-end restaurants and shopping malls, blue world city is a one-stop shop for all your needs.

The basic Blue World City facilities and amenities are:

  • Hospitals, schools, and police stations
  • Commercial hub
  • Electricity, water, and gas
  • Mosques
  • Water theme park
  • Horse Mascot
  • Blue Mosque
  • Water filtration plant
  • Sewerage plant and many more.

NOC Status

The most important reason to invest in any housing society is the NOC or legal status of the project. Anyone intending to spend money wants to ensure that the project is legal for any development and construction work. So, the investors do not need to worry about the blue world city NOC.

The developers of the Blue World City have received a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). So, society is legally allowed for any development and construction work. In addition, construction in society is at a rapid pace, and most of the plots are already sold. So, you can invest now if you want to buy a plot in society.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the installment plan of Blue World City?

The housing society is offering 4-year and 3-year Installment plans for residential and commercial plots, respectively. The plan offers bi-annual and monthly installments.

Why is the society known as Pak-China friendly City?

The society is known as Pak-China friendly City because it is a joint venture of Blue Group of Companies and a Chinese Company. In addition, the master plan of the society is also developed by the Chinese Company.

Is Blue World City a legal housing society?

Blue World City is a legal housing society that has the legal right in the form of NOC from RDA to conduct any development work.

What are the details of Blue world city NOC?

The NOC of the Blue World City is approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

What are the best housing schemes in Rawalpindi other than BWC?

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi is another best housing society with all the best facilities and amenities to offer its residents.


In the article, we tried our best to explain why Blue World City is a good society to invest in. These are why society is getting more popular daily, and all the plots in the two main blocks of society have been sold out. So, after reading the article, if you have decided to buy a plot, it’s the right time to invest in society.

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