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Why Instagram Views Are Important For Success?

As we all know, Instagram is one of the most trending social media apps nowadays and has become a source of effective business marketing. All the famous brands and companies are bringing themselves on social media to improve their sale and demand. The most popular and effective way to attract customers nowadays is Instagram.

The question that mostly arises in an individual’s mind regarding Instagram is: How to promote it? And the real question is: How does it work?

It seems a very difficult job firsthand, but it is actually kind of fun when you start using it. And with the passage of time, Instagram adds new features to the app, making it more fun and exciting.

Effective Brand Marketing on Instagram:


The most effective way of marketing a brand or a product depends upon its views and likes; however, both views and likes count as different entities but are interrelated and interlinked with one another.

Moreover, getting Instagram views and likes is a whole different story. Storyline or Stories, as one may say, displays the views on your videos and how many times a person has watched that particular video.

The best thing about stories is that, unlike picture posts, even if a person does not like a video, his/her view still counts. Uploading stories on your Instagram page is more engaging than a picture post.

Reasons Why You Should Encourage Time Off For Your Employees

Another important question that is commonly asked is how long the story remains on your page, well the maximum time period of a story is 24 hours and the full length of a story video is 15 seconds while a story image or picture only stays up for 7 seconds.

Some people may find stories very short and unappealing from a marketing point of view but, you can string many videos along with one another. Another important thing that you need to bear in your mind is that if your video extends the time period by more than a minute then you have to use another application or a tool to edit it.

When the ads or commercials on tv or social media become lengthy or have an extra influx of information, then it becomes tedious for the viewers and they lose interest.

Use Instagram Story Feature:

This story feature has been a recent addition to Instagram in August 2016 followed by a live-streaming feature in November.

However, live streaming cannot be saved in the Story Highlights. Click Here If you want to know more about Instagram. The reason why most people like putting up stories on their Instagram is that it appears in the form of a slideshow, one after another, just like a camera’s reel.

Scheduling an Instagram story is one of the most challenging things for a person or be it a marketing company. It takes an enormous amount of effort and creativity. Uploading new content every day can be very tiring as well. However, a person can use a scheduling tool for this purpose, and it saves a lot of time and effort.

Instagram Influencers:

Another trending thing that is circling social media is Social Media Influencers and in the case of Instagram, we can say Instagram Influencers. Their number of followers totally depends upon their content. If a large number of people appreciate and like their content, then their followers can range into millions and billions.

Nowadays, a lot of business companies are hiring these Influencers to get a good rating in the market. The main objective of being an Influencer is to engage the audience.

A very important key point that a person should remember is to create new and innovative content that involves and engages their followers or audience. If you have a large number of followers and you are not keeping them updated with your stories.

Then you might end up losing them one by one. Because Instagram is a platform that keeps a person updated with the latest trend, products, sales, new marketing techniques, etc.

Timing also counts while you are posting any sort of content on your Instagram account. The ideal or suitable time to upload any content is between lunchtime and mostly evenings because this is the time when people are mostly free and are on their phones. Choosing a suitable time can also be beneficial in gaining more followers and views.

Personal and Business Accounts are Different on Instagram:

There is also a difference between a business account and a personal account. A personal account can however easily be converted into a business account. Going through Instagram analytics is very essential for a growing business account.

These features only target the desired audience. Plus, it also provides an insight feature that allows you to view the analytics of your business account.

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