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Why IB curriculum is getting popular in Riyadh?

Schools are a vital part of child education. They lay the fundamentals of a literate person. Along with the school, the curriculum taught in the school is also crucial. Changing times also influence education and the need to keep up to match the standard. A balanced curriculum is the need of the time, and the IB curriculum is such a curriculum. IB curriculum is gaining popularity around the world. Riyadh is no exception.

The IB curriculum

IB curriculum, or the International Baccalaureate, is a high school diploma program focused on a modern approach to education. IB is a two-year program that is accepted worldwide in university admissions. IB is a global curriculum taught in world schools in over 140 countries. The curriculum is made to enhance the already existing programs and prepare pupils for impending challenges. IB has gained much popularity over the years for this critical approach. Now, the best school in Riyadh also offer the IB curriculum to students.

Reasons for Popularity

The IB curriculum’s enormous success is due to a variety of factors. Many students’ lives have been influenced and improved as a result. Some of the reasons why IB has proved to be a better alternative globally are as follows.

Critical Thinking 

The IB curriculum promotes the development of problem-solving skills. There are dynamic two-way conversations between the teachers and students. Students are encouraged to inquire and voice their thoughts. The students study a broad range of subjects, essential in all-round development. The course requires a lot of independent thinking and original research.  These activities help in developing the analysis capability of the students.

Personal Growth

The curriculum is demanding, so the students may nourish themselves while taking up the challenge. The course provides an excellent learning environment. It also incorporates the CAS component, which impacts their overall growth: creativity, activity, and service. The finest international schools with IB curricula produce kids that excel academically, socially, and emotionally. The best schools in Riyadh provide this.


IB students direct their schooling. Students are allowed to look for what piques their interest and motivates them. IB students connect all they have learned and trust their judgment. The educational setting encourages qualities including intelligence, self-assurance, and a sense of community. 

Global Acceptance 

The IB course is administered all around the world. With schools in over 140 countries, it facilitates education in a global format and brings in the feeling of being a global citizen. IB curriculum makes mobile children’s scholastic transitions easier so that if their families relocate, it won’t have a detrimental impact on their education. International Baccalaureate is recognized by global universities, including prestigious institutions such as Harward. A part of education also makes the students culturally aware.

Experience and Practical Learning

Because the IB curriculum promotes a growth perspective, students volunteer more inside and outside of school than students in public schools. The Extended Essay and the Theory of Knowledge component are two more components of the IB Diploma in addition to the CAS. Students must master advanced independent research and planning skills to complete these components. Students engage in clubs, initiatives, community service, and sports to explore their interests. The learning structure is open-ended to allow for student exploration of the nature of knowledge.


The International Baccalaureate is an advanced way to approach the education of children. It works towards achieving the overall development of the students. The best schools in Riyadh, following the IB curriculum, focus on making the students knowledgeable and practical. The popularity of the IB curriculum in Riyadh explains itself in its methods of educating students.

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