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Why Game Development Should be Outsourced

With the pandemic making significant changes to consumer behavior and the way societies interact with each other in general, we are looking at an ecosystem where constant change and innovation are the norms. And this is for the better good. Now, businesses and consumers are ready and eager to embrace newer concepts. In a world where everyone is gradually going out of their comfort zone, it is time to look at resource allocation and the kind of strategies your own company should be implementing.

And the gaming industry in particular is going through massive changes with the rise in usage of augmented reality (AR) and the dependency on cloud-based technologies and 5G – we are looking at a surprising but promising future. The ecosystem for apps development NYC is already on the rise and no matter where your company is based – we suggest you go global.

Gaming companies are adopting new practices and the pandemic showed that hiring developers, strategists, designers, and all kinds of stakeholders involved in the development process can be done remotely and there is no communication barrier anymore. Save costs and work smartly. Creating a gaming app from scratch can be an overwhelming process unless you know the right steps to follow.

Reasons Why You Should Outsource

Figures show us that 30% of US companies outsource at least some segment of their entire workload and so far, it has worked in their favor. And in a technological context, it is more common to outsource than you might assume. Keep reading as we discuss different reasons why outsourcing is a better option these days.

Better costs

Now, we are not suggesting you compromise on any essential feature or function but rethink your workflow and optimize everything in a more efficient manner. When you are running low on time and resources and need to outsource without going beyond the estimated budget, reaching out to a well-known custom software development company overseas or away from the primary location could be a huge helping hand.

And depending on the region and the country you decide to research– the cost of resources adds up accordingly. Hourly wages differ around the globe and to provide a rough idea, here is what you should know.

  • North America: $65 to $70
  • Eastern Europe: $45 to $55
  • Western Europe: $50 to $70
  • South America: $35 to $60
  • Africa: $15 to $40

More collaboration

Let us elaborate. So, in a game development scenario, there will be phases and each stakeholder usually has a dedicated role that they are assigned to and cross-team collaboration is frequent and necessary. Being transparent and vocal with concerns and queries helps foster a collective culture and is important to maintain a seamless workflow without any hurdles.

With outsourcing – there will be more people on board the project and it will lead to better networking and learning. Make sure to ensure that is a medium where communication could be possible and every task could be managed and maintained. Here are a few tools you should look at:

  • Asana
  • Codecks
  • Plaky
  • ClickUp

And there are so many other tools out there. No need to be in the same room. Maintain a global working space. Outsourcing helps with efficiency and assistance is always better.

More options

With an in-house team, you are limited to the people around you in terms of skills and expertise. Going global means a bigger talent pool to look at and of course – a wide range of options to choose from. And once you outsource and have a diverse range of people on board with you, there are more ideas and cross-collaboration is enabled.

And with more options in place, the workflow will remain seamless and there are greater chances of your game being developed sooner than you might expect. Launch at an appropriate time and with the team you outsource, you have more people who understand what you are trying to achieve.


In a game development scenario, again, there are various stakeholders involved and in order to maintain and execute everything in a seamless manner, communication and transparency matter above everything else. When you search for a flutter app development company or any other specific firm to collaborate with – question well and clear out any confusion.

There are three production stages in game development and you should know which area needs the most attention and the kind of roles you are looking to hire in. Like any other strategy, outsourcing is only useful when you and the entire company knows how to utilize resources properly. 

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