Home Business Why Choose Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, As Your Next Beach Vacation?

Why Choose Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, As Your Next Beach Vacation?

Why Choose Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, As Your Next Beach Vacation?

If you’d like to take a vacation at the beach with authentic Costa Rican flavor, look no further than Santa Teresa. This town boasts some of the most stunning undeveloped beaches on thePacific Coast and is consistently ranked as one of Costa Rica’s top tourist destinations. We at Laloon Hotel offer great Santa Teresa, Costa Rica accommodations with all the comforts of home. Our exquisite rooms and suites feature private balconies or terraces, modern amenities, and high-speed wireless Internet.

We are the perfect choice for your next beach vacation in Costa Rica. Just a short drive away from the airport. We offer spacious accommodations with modern amenities in a quiet and relaxing setting. The friendly staff will make you comfortable with 24-hour front desk service, a bright swimming pool, and a Jacuzzi.

Relax and revitalize your soul at our Santa Teresa hotel. 

What Can You Do While in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica?

  • Visit the Town of La Cruz

The town is situated 5 kilometers from the beach in a valley of hills covered with lush tropical vegetation. The city has been built along a river, with typical colonial houses, red tile roofs, and beautiful white stucco walls. Several stories are high. The narrow streets are lined with picturesque trees and gardens along each side of them. You can buy local crafts in many small shops and other local businesses. While in La Cruz, you can also visit the Toro de Santa Teresa, the oldest church in Costa Rica, and the Diocese of Costa Rica seat. 

  • Explore the Natural Beauty of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

In Santa Teresa, you should take advantage of all the natural beauty. The beach, considered one of the most beautiful in Costa Rica, stretches for about 5 kilometers. The water is a clear turquoise color and very calm. There are no large waves, and it’s a great place to snorkel or to get in some sunbathing if that’s what you prefer. A beach chair and umbrella are available for hire along the beachfront, and you can enjoy the ocean views. There are also some excellent local seafood restaurants where you can have lunch or dinner while enjoying a sunset. If you like hiking, some beautiful trails are not far from the hotel. Location of the Santa Elena Peninsula on the east side of Santa Teresa. It is one of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica’s most secluded national parks, with over 200 acres of protected land that features white sand beaches, mangroves, and rich coral reefs.


The luxurious Boutique Laloon Hotel Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, offers unforgettable experiences to all clients. We provide friendly reception and attentive staff. Contemporary guest rooms and suites are available at the hotel: luxurious restaurants and a wide variety of sports activities.

If you’re looking for the best Santa Teresa Costa Rica beach accommodations with all the comforts of home, book us here for your next vacation!

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