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Why Choose Cat5e Ethernet Cable With Pure Copper?


When the Cat5e ethernet cable was introduced, its main highlights were more tightly twisted conductor pairs. Compared to the previous Category 5 cable, its tightly twisted conductor pairs are more resilient to electromagnetic interference and thus result in a faster and more reliable data transfer. The Cat5e cable features 4 tightly twisted pairs of 24 AWG conductors. Cable conductors are either made from bare copper or copper-clad aluminum. Among the conductor pairs, the interior of the cable features a ripcord that is used to rip off the cable jacket while terminating the wires. Choosing the Cat5e ethernet cable with pure copper conductors results in an even better performance.

Cat5e ethernet cable with pure copper conductors not only results in reliable and everlasting performance but also makes it easier to install the cables. Bare copper is a malleable, ductile, and flexible material. It is also a durable and long-lasting material that makes up for a great easy-to-install solution. In addition to that, it is efficient and transfers data at high speeds without delay. Choosing Cat5e Bare Copper cable has more advantages than it has disadvantages. So in this blog, let’s find out what the pure copper Cat5e ethernet cable has to offer.

Cat5e Pure Copper or Bare Copper

Unsurprisingly, people usually wonder whether Cat5e pure copper and bare copper are the same things. The answer is: yes. Both cables are just two different names for the same cable. Pure and bare both refer to 100% pure copper conductors. And it does not matter which one you get, pure copper or bare copper, the performance will be the same.

Cat5e Cable

Before finding out why choosing the Cat5e ethernet cable with pure copper conductors is a better choice, you will need to know what the Cat5e cable is. More particularly, you will need to know the different variants of the Cat5e cable and their pros and cons.

Cat5e ethernet cable comes in plenum, riser, and PVC jackets. All of them are designed for specific use. The plenum-rated Cat5e is designed for indoor horizontal runs. The Cat5e riser cable is being designed for indoor vertical use and the PVC cable is designed for outdoor and temporary runs. In addition to that, the plenum and riser cable can also be installed outdoors. Particularly the Cat5e plenum which is wrapped up in a durable thick plenum jacket that protects it from bad weather and other extreme environmental conditions.

Choosing the Right Cat5e Ethernet Cable

The right Cat5e ethernet cable is meant to have three important things right. The right conductor, jacket, and conductor shielding. If you choose these three things right, you can never be wrong about getting the right ethernet cable.

Choose the Right Conductor

To explain further, choosing the right conductor means choosing between bare copper or copper-clad aluminum conductor. Moreover, these conductors are further available in solid and stranded variants. If you choose the right variant, you will be able to install it easily and get the most power out of it.

Decide on the Jacket

Then comes the cable jacket. This is important because it translates directly into the durability of your cable as well as the safety of your network. The plenum is the most premium option whereas PVC is the least and the riser is the mean between both. We have discussed the Cat5 cable jackets in more detail in the previous parts of this blog.

Get your shielding right

The third important thing while choosing the right Cat5e ethernet cable is the cable shielding. Also known as conductor shielding, it is an aluminum foil or a wire mesh wrapped around the cable conductors that keeps electromagnetic interference from hindering the signal transmission of the cable.

Is the Cat5e Cable worth Buying?

With all the options on the market to choose from, people would be wondering whether it is worth buying the Cat5e cable. The question becomes even more apparent when people come across more advanced options such as the Cat6 and the Cat6a cable.

Well, the answer is simply yes. Cat5e ethernet cable is worth buying but for the right use. If you are intending to buy it for 10 Gigabit speed data transfer, no it will not work. But for fast ethernet (100 MBit/s over 100 meters), this cable is the best option you can get.

Similarly, if you need the cable for a certain use that it is not recommended for, you better skip choosing it. Because the cable is durable physically, it has less flexibility when it comes to data transfer.

Why Cat5e Cable with Pure Copper Conductors

One reason: better performance. Now when we say better performance, you might only think of high-speed data transfer. But in actuality, better performance refers to a set of specifications. That includes better resistance against EMI, faster data transfer rates, lower attenuation, and minimum need for maintenance.

Bare copper or Pure copper Cat5e cable is more flexible and that is why it is easy to install. It further means that the bare copper Cat5e cable can be used for PoE applications.

Benefits of Cat5e Pure Copper vs CCA

You might be wondering if the CCA cable conductors are better and have more benefits as compared to the pure copper conductors of the Cat5e cable. Well, the CCA conductors offer the same data transfer speed as the bare/pure copper conductors which are 100 MBit/s over 100 meters. They also provide the same bandwidth capacity which is 350 Mhz.

But hold on, the pure copper conductors of the Cat5e ethernet cable have more benefits. Although the speed and bandwidth capacities of both types of conductors are the same, bare copper conductors are more reliable. Their 100 MBit/s data transfer speed will last far longer than the CCA’s. The CCA Cat5e cables have one benefit though: price. They are more affordable as compared to their pure copper counterparts.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the Cat5e ethernet cable with pure copper conductors is more reliable, easy to install, and long-lasting. These are the main reasons it is used more commonly as compared to the Cat5e ethernet cable with CCA conductors despite being more costly.

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