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Who Updates Celebrity Deaths On Wikipedia?

Celebrity deaths that happened recently

Recent celebrity death events include the passing of Chris Cornell, David Bowie, Carrie Fisher, Leonard Nimoy, Patrick Swayze, Whitney Houston, Alan Boswell, and Robin Williams. All of these people are known for their work in the media, so it makes sense that their death would be noted at some level.

But who actually adds the information to their article? According to an informal survey we conducted, most often it’s someone with connections to the deceased or his/her family.

A few weeks ago, one user made an interesting discovery while looking up news about actor Christopher Mcclaine (known professionally as Chris). He noticed something rather strange several users had clearly used Google to check if this person existed before writing anything about him!

This got us thinking – why does everyone seem to need to look up whether or not Chris Mcclaine is real before adding any content related to him? Is there really no one else who could write the basic facts about his career and life? This seems very odd to us.

It also raised another question – how do all of these anonymous writers gain access to add new material to an important online resource like Wikipedia?

Celebrity deaths that happened a long time ago

There are two reasons why people don’t update death entries for famous people that have passed away more than six months ago. The first is because it is considered passé to mourn the loss of someone who has been forgotten about already.

are always in the news, so there is an ever-present chance that their passing will get noticed. It becomes too easy to add them to the growing list of ‘famous people we lost this week’.

The second reason is that people don’t like competition. If they left a comment or posted something about the deceased on another website, then theirs got overlooked in the shuffle.

Neither of these apply when the dead celebrity is very young. But otherwise, it would be pretty hard to argue that Michael Jackson, for example, received his due respect.

The effects of celebrity deaths

Social media has become one of the biggest sources for information, especially news. With every person having their own little slice of internet with you-tube videos, blogs, and chat rooms, all of these things come together to form a picture or “picture” of what is happening in the world.

Influencers are people with large followers who will promote products or services by featuring them on social media sites or through advertisements. As such, they play an important role in advertising for brands.

Celebrity death stories are very popular online. People enjoy reading about how famous people lived their lives and died, as well as leaving comments regarding their legacy. This fan reaction comes from several reasons; some admire their work, while others appreciate their moral values.

The most common reason why people add new entries to celebrities pages is because they want more details about their life. They may also like to leave comments telling other users something interesting about the individual.

Many use it as an opportunity to advertise for themselves by including references to the article. Some even make money off of this website content! It is not uncommon to find people adding new articles and then earning credits on PayPal for doing so.

There is no regulation requiring that individuals must include facts when writing biographies or modified versions of existing ones, but many feel that it is appropriate to do so.

How to become a Wikipedia editor

As we mentioned before, anyone can edit any article on Wikipedia! It is not limited to only people with an online account. You do not need to be a student or work for Google to contribute to this website.

Anyone can add, remove or change information from an article, even if you don’t have your own user profile yet. All users must go through a process known as peer review before their changes are accepted by other editors.

This way, there is a backup of information in place to prevent someone from making large scale edits. Only two individuals can make an edit at a time, so it becomes harder to create fraudulent entries or re-write facts that others have compiled.

There is also an easy way to get started as an editor. You can choose one of the top categories or areas of the site and read about them. Some of these topics include Politics, Entertainment, Technology and more. Once you learn how to use the software used to publish content, you can start editing!

History of celebrity deaths

It is important to note that before 2007, there was no way for anyone to easily find out when someone died. This includes if they died due to something related to their job or because of an illness they had, etc!

Up until May 5th, 2017, there was no clear record of what happened to Michael Jackson’s body after he died in 2009. At first it was said that his doctor claimed he suffered from cardiac arrhythmia, but this was disputed later.

It wasn’t until June 15th, 2011 that we finally got our answer as to whether or not Michael’s death was really caused by heart disease. The coroner announced that his official cause of death was acute propofol intoxication along with contributory causes including cocaine use and fluid imbalance.

This means that even though many people believe that he died due to cardiomyopathy (a condition where your heart muscle fails), that conclusion was wrong. He most likely killed himself by taking too much of the drug propofol!

Popular celebrity deaths

Recent popular death topics include Angelina Jolie’s passing in March, which was marked with an article on her legacy and funeral services; Prince Rogers Clark “Micaiah Johnson” Franklin Davis, who died of heatstroke earlier this year at his home in Minnesota; and Chris Cornell, vocalist for grunge band Soundgarden and later Audioslave, who passed away due to suicide just over one month ago.

All three of these articles received substantial edits within hours of their publication. The person(s) editing these pages are typically users with significant contributions on Wikipedia, and they usually get rewarded with a good standing with the community.

However, some individuals take it one step further by not only adding content to the page but also actively changing the headline or re-titling the article to be more neutral or positive. These changes are often motivated purely out personal bias rather than concern for the deceased’s family or desire to promote awareness about the disease.

This article will discuss why people edit certain death notices on Wikipedia and what can be done to prevent them from doing so. However, before we begin.

Unexpected celebrity deaths

A lot of people add or update information about celebrities on Wikipedia. Some do it because they feel an urge to contribute to the online encyclopedia, to share their knowledge with the world. Others edit it for personal gain, to boost their own popularity or notoriety.

Some even go as far as adding false information or deleting true facts so that readers are misled. This is not only unethical, but also misleading.

It may be difficult to determine whether or not someone has made changes to Wikipedia due to malicious purposes, however there are some things you can look out for.

If you notice that the person’s biography has been completely deleted, this usually means that the individual was threatened or coerced into writing something negative about them.

By looking at their other contributions to the website, you can tell if they were trying to conceal their identity or if they did not want their voice to be heard.

People who actively contribute to different articles and forums around the web are more likely to change the article related to their career than individuals who are less active on various sites and platforms.

Dead or alive?

As we mentioned before, just because someone’s death is reported by sources does not mean it actually happened. It also doesn’t guarantee that they actually died either!

Many times, people will claim to have lost their lives in an event, but later reports come in saying that they are still living. This is very common when there are rumors of a celebrity dying or suicide.

Sources may even make up stories about how someone died, for example, by shooting themselves or being shot dead.

So how do you know if someone has really died? There are several ways you can verify this information.

By using reliable sources, like government agencies or media outlets that report true facts, you can learn whether or not your favorite celebrity is still alive.

Sadly, many don’t take time to research their favorites’ deaths due to the speed at which news spreads.

Ways to be famous forever

As we know, fame can quickly vanish, especially in our media saturated society. For this reason, there is a growing trend of people editing or adding information to sites like Google+, Facebook, and even YouTube to add notes or trivia about your death or significant life moments.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing! In fact, it can help you become immortalized in history.

History teaches us that many historical figures lived beyond their natural lifespan and spent most of their time trying to ensure they would not go down as merely another anonymous face in history.

In the case of celebrities, however, there are sometimes controversies surrounding their deaths. These debates tend to focus more on whether or not they “died peacefully” and if they “went out with a good story.”

More often than not, these stories seem heavily influenced by what happened after their death. This is because those around them publish memoirs and tell their own stories about you.

Wikipedia is one of the largest sources of knowledge in the world and as such, it gets updated constantly. By using article revision tools, you can make sure your legacy will always be known.

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