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Who Should Not Wear a Diamond?

Even though it has been said that diamonds are meant forever, they are definitely not meant for each and every one of you, as these wholesale gemstone beads possess mystical powers as well as astrological remedies, which might not suit everybody’s birth charts. In scientific terms, a diamond is just a piece of carbon which has gathered some mystical powers over the years of time. 

Many people believe that it either brings good luck or awakens the anger of the Gods. Although the gemstone beads manufacturer gives them some definite cuts and shapes in their workshops, when and how you are going to use a fine-cut diamond ring depends on the position of stars and planets, as they remain in the sky position. This marvellous gemstone could also determine your destiny by calculating your zodiac signs.

Effects of Diamond On Your Zodiac Signs

If you are born under the zodiac signs of Aries, Pisces, or Scorpio, you should avoid wearing diamond rings, because as per astrology they bring discomfort and disunity into your lives. However this a perfect match for those who are born under Libra and Virgo as it brings them wealth and property. 

The rest of the zodiac signs might wear this ring under certain circumstances with terms and conditions as prescribed by the holy priests or astrologers. Both males and females who belong to Capricorn or Aquarians might wear this ring along with Blue Sapphire. Then they must use platinum metal as the setting. Sagittarius may wear this gemstone bead if Venus is on the ascendant as per the horoscopes.

Can everyone wear a Diamond?

This is a hot favourite stone for everyone, but they are certainly not meant for everyone for being very cost-effective. According to Vedas, even if your pocket permits, not each and every one of you may be able to wear these wholesale gemstone beads, as they might affect your health, career, goodwill, property and marital life. 

In the mines, these gems have negative influences on the environment like soil erosion, deforestation, and cause disturbances in the ecological system. The gemstone beads manufacturer finds an easy market as these wholesale gemstone beads are produced during wars so as to support civil wars and invaders.

Do Diamonds Radiate Negative Energies?

This gemstone bead is essentially an energy increaser and hence does not have to go through the process of recharging. As it strengthens the energies and powers of all the other gemstones and crystalline objects, you have to handle it in a proper way because it amplifies positive with negative energies as well into various energy levels of your body and mind.

Known Side Effects of Diamond Jewellery

Wearing diamond beads is not always welcome as there are certain issues which come along with this precious stone that would cause side effects, which are not meant to be faced by everyone. You have to explore the potential effects of these wholesale gemstone beads, before getting into this. 

According to some popular beliefs, diamond rings are the females’ best companions as they symbolize love forever. However, everyone can not wear it because it is highly expensive on one side and not your best friend as well.

After summarizing all these points, it is rather better to make you aware that wearing these energetic beads by the wrong person or in the wrong fingers, would surely cause disharmony, blunders in love relations, or marital status. 

Another way of expressing this is that these energized beads are not meant for all, especially when they get into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, those individuals whose zodiac signs are not on good terms with the planet Venus, which rules and governs these wholesale gemstone beads, get deprived of the warm loving nature of planet Venus.

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