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NaniTaami has become a public figure on Instagram with her inspirational journey and positive attitude. She is now a successful businesswoman and the role model she is today, she tries to inspire people around the world with her photos and her funny reels, using hashtags and stories to share her journey and experiences with they built an online community of people who support and encourage each other.

Tamara Preiss is a successful businesswoman based near Munich. She is the founder of the online marketing company “Onlinelytics” and the Instagram page “NaniTaami” that combines her name with her passion for gameplays and beautiful travels. She also sells real estate and her mission is to build a sustainable company where everyone enjoys working. With her funny posts on Instagram, she has become a public figure and inspires masses of people around the world.

Her passion for marketing & gameplays led her to do an apprenticeship as a marketing communication clerk in a Group M company. Later she worked for many years as an e-commerce manager and in sales. Traveled to USA, Thailand, Indonesia and traveled all over Europe. By combining her two passions, she created a successful Instagram account and built a loyal following.

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