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Which one is the great classic becomes hybrid and sporty?

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extreme processing, very low consumption, high-tech concentrate

Now, in its eleventh generation, the Honda Civic asserts its ability to surprise.

The Japanese company’s iconic car, on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, is a collection of stylistic references, undulating lines resembling the design of the 70s and solid technological innovation in the present. The result is the new Honda Civic e: Fully Hybrid HEV: sporty driving, but above all a very enjoyable engine and truly phenomenal handling. Source from Wapcar Automotive News.

Quite simply, a car of this type should be like this:

Very ready to accelerate, three predefined driving styles (eco, normal and sport) plus customizable styles, including Honda Civic Colors, each with a really obvious personality, because of that rarely happens.

All with a funny consumption: 6 liters of gasoline/100 km heavy foot, 5 careful a bit. The values ​​are extremely close to those written on the Wltp circuit.

ANSA Motori has extensively tested the Civic hybrid in the Sport version and every ride is a new experience.

The interface features a completely personal and recognizable design that doesn’t compromise on fashion. The lines are determined by current disclosure. It is not made to please everyone. But if you like it, it’s love.

The sleek and clean front end leading to the passenger compartment is meticulously cared for down to the smallest detail, which is undeniably linked with Japanese rationalism. New Civic e:HEV Full Hybrid is 455 cm long (3 cm longer than the previous version) for 180 wide (unchanged) and 141 high (2 cm shorter), a longer wheelbase (+3.5 cm) and approx. wider ground clearance (+1.2 cm) for the sake of livability. Easy access, low but not too low saddle, customizable cockpit. In the tunnel, the 4 buttons of the gearbox are adjusted to correspond to the paddles on the steering wheel. The dashboard features a 9-inch touchscreen, on which the infotainment system – compatible with AppleCarPlay and Android Autocomplete, is simple and intuitive.

The rear lights are in stark contrast to the atmosphere which is becoming more and more formal now. No, they are generously sized headlights that are perfectly integrated into the 404-liter trunk (1,187 with the sofa folded down).

Pleasure is guaranteed by the skillful combination of heat and electricity. The power of 186 hp and 315 Nm of torque from the 2-liter direct injection engine helps the car accelerate from 0-100 km / h in 7.9 seconds.

The drag effect is often caused by hybrids that do not exist. The steering is extremely precise, in sport mode becomes surgical, the frame does not hesitate at any speed, the ground clearance is reduced and the tires are 18 inches, thanks to the help of a sophisticated suspension system, keeping the car on the right track literally makes driving really fun. We were never able to bring the car into a state of crisis, not even registering it with the slightest hesitation.

The extensive use of electronics ensures that the driving modes selected by the driver are completely distinguishable from one another. In sports, for example, not only does the sound change tone but the flow and stiffness of the steering wheel also change. Civic becomes really sporty.

To achieve the same result, Japanese technicians imagined the i-MMD (intelligent multi-mode drive) system:

The basis is that of a hybrid series, but its operation varies according to the transition between the three modes, selected automatically according to the criteria of energy efficiency, in the particular driving situation. 

In power mode:

lithium-ion batteries power the electric motor directly; in Hybrid Drive mode, the internal combustion engine powers the generator, which in turn powers the electric propulsion; In Engine Drive mode, the gasoline engine is directly connected to the wheels via a locking clutch. In reality, Whoever gets behind the wheel chooses the driving style, the technology and the best way to get there.

A true sports car, also thanks to innovative lighting and reinforcement solutions:

The front subframe is now aluminum and the bodywork has been stiffened for improved cornering stability. The suspension layout includes a MacPherson-style solution at the front and a Multilink-style solution at the rear. The rear trunk is made of plastic and is 20% lighter than the previous model.

For added security, for the copy subject in our test, a very efficient and non-intrusive driver assistance system. It helps draw curves, but it doesn’t take the steering wheel off the driver. When adaptive cruise control is activated, the car can anticipate deceleration during cornering and always act on time. In urban traffic, on the other hand, an assist system intervenes, in effect, to drive alone. In a time when fuel is expensive, there’s also a pleasant surprise when refueling. If a 40-liter fuel tank capacity doesn’t seem like much, you can simply record the number of kilometers traveled to forget everything. Prices start at 34,000 euros, just over 36,000 people need to buy the tested car.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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