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Where to Watch all 5 Episodes of Gullak Season 3?

Gullak season 3 was telecasted in the year 2022 in April and the show has been telecasted in Hindi language for the users and the users can access it. The show has some new characters which have done an amazing job which has made this series a must-watch and the users are going for Gullak season 3 download so that they can watch it. 

An overview of Gullak season 3 

Gullak season 3 talks about a family which is the lead in the show, the everyday life of Mishra family is the main centre of the series. This series is a highly talked about series which is loved by many users and also the audience is able to connect to the characters more through this series. 

The show has many episodes in which there are instances of daily lives of the members of Mishra family and along with this the series also depicts the mind set and struggles of a middle class family without any sugar coating and with laughter it adds a twist in the story. 

The series is a comedy drama and is directed by Palash Vaswani, and the series is produced by Arunabh Kumar. There are in total five episodes in the series and the users can access the series so let us have a sneak peak at the episodes of this series which are – 

Episode no. – Name 

Episode no. 1 – Mission admission 

Episode no. 2 – LTA 

Episode no. 3 – Agua

Episode no. 4 – Satyanarayan Varta Katha 

Episode no. 5 – Izzat ki Chamkaar 

All these episodes are fun to watch this is why the users are enjoying this series and the other factor why this series is so famous is the cast and crew of this series. So, let us have a look at the cast and character of the series which have made this series a success. 

Character – cast 

Santosh Mishra – Janmeet Khan 

Shanti Mishra – Geetanjali Kulkarni 

Annu mishra – Vaibhav Raj Gupta 

Gullak – Shivankit Singh Parihar 

Bittu ki mummy – Sunita Rajwar 

Bua ji – Sweta Joshi 

All these actors have done a fantastic job and this has made the series fun and the viewers are watching this series more and more. 

Watching the Series Gullak season 3 for the Users – 

The users can access this series on the OTT platforms like sony liv but the users need to pay some amount of subscription to access the series but not everyone is able to buy the subscription of the OT platforms. 

Those users who are not able to buy the subscription of the platforms are looking for sites or platforms which they can use when they want to watch series like gullak season 3. In this blog we are going to provide the users with platforms which the users can use when they want to watch or download gullak season 3 so let us see the torrent sites which can be used by the users for the same. 

Filmy god 

Filmy zilla 

Filmy meet 

123 mkv 

Movie rulz 


Kat movie HD 

Tamil rockers 


Desire movies 

The pirate bay 

Kick ass torrent 

Torrent z 

Torrent downloads 



Lime torrents 


Torrent downloads 

Seed peer 


Tor lock 

Torrent funk 

Your bit torrent 

Games torrent 


Ip torrents 

Dirty torrents 

Torrent day 

Immortal seed 

File base 


All these sites can be used by the users to access the gullak season 3 series which the users can use also the sites which we have mentioned in this blog for the users are all absolutely free and can be used by the users without any charges.

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