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Where to Enjoy Dining in Uptown Mirdif Restaurants

Perhaps one of the most underrated parts of Dubai, Mirdif actually has a lot to offer. The opening of Mirdif City Center has drawn a lot of attention to what most people consider the ‘other side of the world’. little easier to get into! So if you ever find yourself wandering around Mirdif, here are some of the hot spots where you can stop and recharge.

1. Retro Cafe

Located in Mirdif Mall, in a word, Cafè Retro is just quirky. This Italian cafe and restaurant literally transports you to another time and space with its incredible attention to detail. Anyone with a sweet tooth should make a B-line for their desserts, believe us.


If you like Arabic cuisine with a homely atmosphere, Evakana is your place. The restaurant is part of the Kana group and is located in Uptown Mirdif. It’s run by chef and restaurateur Eva Rihani from Dubai, so you know the food is good.

3. Restaurant House of the beasts

If you are vegan, vegetarian or just trying to practice a healthier lifestyle, Menagerie Eatery at 35 Mirdif is the place for you. Its goal is to promote the belief that healthy and nutritious food should be an affordable option for a vibrant lifestyle. And they do it with deliciously healthy food.

4. The brioche

La Brioche is not exclusive to Mirdif but it certainly deserves a mention. Based in the city center of Mirdif, the French restaurant serves light and tasty food with a little je ne sais quoi?

5. Cafe Kuttab

One for the bookworms. Aptly named Kuttab Cafè in Uptown Mirdif, the cafe is a library diner where you can come, grab a bite and lose yourself in literature. Also, the decor is to die for!

Hunter & Barrel ( MIRDIF DUBAI )

Hunter & Barrel offers quality charcoal-grilled meats with an abundance of fresh vegetables and exceptional barrel-aged craft beverages. It maintains a culinary and thematic homage to ancient hunter-gatherer techniques through a delicious menu of sharing plates, perfect for community dinners. Hunter & Barrel opens its doors to a third location in the Emirates with Mirdif, Dubai. Perfect for lunch or dinner with friends or family of all ages.

Peruse the menus for Hunter & Barrel at uptown mirdif restaurants. Hunter & Barrel is an eclectic, contemporary twist on the hunters way, where traditional feasting rituals combine with cooking over charcoal.


Hardee’s is the answer to all your burger cravings. This is one of the best cafe in Mirdif if you love a good burger. Aside from chicken wings, their milkshakes are also worth a try! And if you’re in a go-go mode, Hardee’s is amongst the best takeaway restaurants in Dubai where you can quickly grab your favourite meal without having to wait for long hours.


Gazebo is recognised amongst local food lovers for biryani, kebabs and Indian Mughlai dishes. It is counted among the finest restaurants in Mirdif Dubai serving mouthwatering Indian food. The restaurant is popular for its exquisite décor, kid-friendly environment and home delivery service.


If you are looking for a place that offers delicious food in a home-like environment, then Circle Café is the perfect spot in Mirdif. Whether you’re looking for the best bagels in Dubai, an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet or simply craving home-made cakes, you can have your pick here! This Mirdif cafe is particularly popular for healthy meals that are not too heavy on the pocket.


If delicious burgers are on your mind, then Jimmy’s Shack is your ultimate destination. Apart from burgers, this restaurant offers salad, pasta and shawarma. It is one of the most family-friendly restaurants in Mirdif, perfect for a quiet meal with the folks.


Jones the Grocer is one of the popular Mirdif restaurants offering an eclectic Continental menu. The best part you ask…? It is one of the restaurants in Dubai where your kids can eat for free! The cafe with a modern interior serves Australian and European cuisines in a casual setting. It was launched in 1996 with a dynamic approach of combining café culture with a retail offering. This gourmet cafe has an interesting selection of organic products such as a variety of coffee and tea, sauces and seasonings and pasta.

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