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Where Can I Find Ticks on My Dog?

Finding ticks on dogs isn’t ticks on cat as simple as rubbing a hand across their legs and back. Sometimes ticks are tiny that you might not be able to feel them initially. This is why it’s essential to groom, bathe, and groom your dog regularly in order to become familiar with your dog. You should also be aware of how to tell what’s “normal” for their coat and what’s not.

Long-haired dogs and dogs with dark coats and pets with an undercoat present the most difficult challenges, since can be difficult to detect and feel. Similar to wild animals ticks favor dark, warm areas on your pet. There are a few common spots where hide:

Under Front Legs

It is common to find ticks on your pet’s “armpits,” where it is warm and dark. Additionally, the skin is thin in the region, making it easier for ticks to get into.

Inside Groin Region

Hidden from view and thin-skinned, usually connect to the inner of the dog’s back legs within the flank area.

Between Toes

Because they’re so close to ground level, they can get caught between the dog’s toes. They are difficult to spot in this embedded fully ticks on dogs area therefore, make sure you carefully examine the space between the toes and the webbing. This is why it is crucial to ensure that your dog is comfortable when you touch their feet. It’s important to practice this handling should begin as soon as your puppy is young!

In and Around Ears

the delicate folds as well as the thin skin of the ear of your dog can be a great spot for to conceal. The in this area are difficult to locate and are even more difficult to eliminate.

Around Eyes and Eyelids

It’s surprising that ticks can stick to the thin skin around the eyes of your dog and the eyelids. This is due to the fact that your dog’s snout will be scanning the ground. While it’s easier to locate it is, on the eyes can be difficult to remove.

Under Collar or Harness

Because ticks love dark, warm places Ticks are often found in your dog’s collar or harness. Make sure you check it!

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