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When Toyota Vios has been rolling for 4 years, is it still worth being chosen?

After 4 years of appearance, Toyota Vios 2018 now has a cheap price of just over 300 million, is it a car worth choosing in the price range?

According to data from Wapcar Automotive News, For a long time in Vietnam, Toyota Vios is considered as the “national car model” when continuously recording the best sales in the market. Even now, Toyota Vios 2023 is famous for its durability and price keeping, so it is highly appreciated by many customers.

However, after 4 years of use, Toyota Vios 2018 is no longer considered a price-keeping model as it was about 7-10 years ago. So is Toyota Vios 2018 still worth buying? 

Price of Toyota Vios 2018

In 2018, Toyota Vios 1.5E MT was listed for VND 513 million and at that time, to run this model, Vietnamese users had to spend VND 604 million in Hanoi.

For a service car, the price of more than 600 million VND is said to be quite high because this version of Toyota Vios uses a manual transmission. However, in 2018, in the B-segment sedan segment, there are not many cheap and attractive options like today, so Toyota Vios is still an attractive name. According to a reporter’s survey, after 3 years of testing, Toyota Vios 1.5E MT 2018 is currently for sale for about 350 million VND with an ODO number of 70,000 km. With the car has traveled over 100,000 km, Toyota Vios 1.5E MT is being sold for only 300 million VND.

Thus, the price of the Toyota Vios 2018 manual version after 3 years of driving has lost half the price compared to the original driving price.

Toyota Vios is popular with Vietnamese users due to its high liquidity after many years of use. However, in recent years this is no longer the case with the Vios due to many factors. Accordingly, the manual version of Toyota Vios 2018 has lost half the price compared to buying new. This is understandable when the Japanese automaker has upgraded twice in the past 3 years, causing the old models to lose value.

Detecting a rival in the same segment is the Hyundai Accent 1.4MT, although it has a rolling price of 550 million VND in 2018. Up to now, the ODO version of about 70,000 km has been sold for 400 million VND, 50 million VND higher than Toyota Vios.

Looking at the above price, it can be seen that Toyota Vios no longer holds the same price as rival Hyundai Accent despite having the same number of kilometers.

Which customers is Toyota Vios 2018 suitable for?

Toyota Vios 1.5E MT 2018 is a model that is likened to a “moving corrugated iron box” when in the old generation this model had almost no amenities. Accordingly, the cheapest manual version of Vios, the car only has a DVD player, mechanical key and manual air conditioner, no air vents for the rear seats, the car has no sensors as well as a reversing camera…

Toyota Vios 2018 uses a 2NR-FE engine, 4-cylinder, 1.5L capacity, VVT-i intelligent dual variable valve for maximum capacity of 107 horsepower and 140 Nm of torque, comes with box. 4 speed automatic. 5th floor level. With the above “modest” equipment, Toyota Vios 1.5E MT 2018 is suitable for service customers who want an inexpensive car, the ability to quickly recover capital and ensure the durability factor because the car ” there’s nothing to spoil.”

Moreover, customers buying a new car for the first time should choose Toyota Vios 1.5E MT 2018 because the price is cheap and the old car will be suitable for newbies to drive easily.

On the contrary, for customers who drive family cars, it is clear that the manual version of Toyota Vios 20218 will not be suitable because the trend of automatic transmission cars is on the throne. At the same time, the vehicle is too poorly equipped to meet the basic needs of users.

Overall, the manual version of the Toyota Vios 2018 is a service-oriented car. As for customers looking to buy a family car, the old Hyundai Accent is always a more suitable choice when Korean cars are famous for their cheap prices and trendy “pulse” options.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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