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When should you consult a Property Solicitor? 

Conveyancing in the UK is quite a lengthy and tedious process. You want to ensure that when you buy property in the UK, you can beat the timeline, do all the required checks, sign the contracts, and move on time.

Moving property in the UK _finance  can take months if you don’t seek assistance from the top top London conveyancing solicitors. There are many reasons you should consult a conveyancer apart from chasing time and meeting your deadline. 

When to consider a property solicitor 

A property solicitor will help you buy or sell property in the UK. You should consider working with a solicitor as soon as you decide to list your property on the market or you want to buy property. 

When selling property in the UK, instructing a solicitor early enough can help you to save as much as four or three weeks when putting together a contract. It takes a lot of time to draft a contract binding to both the buyer and seller. A conveyancing solicitor has the skills and experience to help you draft a contract.

Consulting a property solicitor will signal a buyer that you intend to proceed with the transaction. It also puts you in the strongest position to win the offer, being that you are ready for the transaction.

What your conveyancing solicitor will do 

You can speed up the conveyancing process when you consult a conveyancing solicitor, whether selling a home or buying one. Your conveyancing solicitor will open a file and complete all the necessary background checks.

That said, you will have to provide an identification photo and evidence of home address to the solicitor, a bank statement with the address, or an HM Revenue & customs.

When you make that effort to consult a solicitor as soon as possible, the solicitor may as well be able to take the necessary steps to continue with the rest of the conveyancing once the paperwork is done. It saves you time because your solicitor will ensure your identification is in order, and you can proceed Imginn with what is ahead of you.

As a buyer, having a solicitor by your side indicates to the seller’s estate agent that you are a serious and ready buyer. This alone can expedite the conveyancing process and gives you the edge over another potential buyer who may not be well organized.

Here is a summary of what a solicitor will help you do:

  • Prepare the right documentation and clarify the documents 
  • Research the certificate of the title and the property 
  • Check for all the necessary information you need about the property
  • Put the deposit in a trust account 
  • Calculate taxes and rates 
  • Conduct property settlement 
  • Represent your interests in vendor and real estate 

What to look for when choosing a conveyancing solicitor 

The most important thing to consider when choosing a conveyancing solicitor is the experience level. Of course, experience comes with time, so you should go for a solicitor who has been in the industry for years.

Check the solicitor’s qualifications and credentials. You also want to ensure the solicitor is regulated and registered to offer their services in your location. 

Final Thoughts 

Buying property in the UK is a more complex and time-consuming process. Therefore, you want to ensure that you save as much time as possible.

Before you get that offer, you should have some options of the best solicitors to hire to ensure you complete in record time. Always consider hiring a property lawyer or solicitor when buying property in the UK.

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