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When Mountains Call – Trekking in manali


Trekking in Manali is true love for the tourists from all over the world. It is a serene place and it’s beauty is truly a bliss. 

Snoozed between the colossal snow- sheathe mountains, Manali enjoys a graphic view of the Pir Panjal and the Dhauladhar peaks. The hill station offers an idyllic view of the vale while the Beas River gushes along the sprawling meadows. Faced in the lush green pinewood timbers, Manali is an ideal place to decompress. 

About the destination

Piecemeal from the scenic beauty, the hilltop offers a bunch of swash adventures. And touring trails that make Manali a sightseer attraction for alpinists and hitchers. 

 Then are some of the most favored spots for touring and boarding in Manali that every adventurer should explore:-

 Beas River 

 The Beas River spurts its demitasse clear water along the splendid hills and card- suchlike decors of Manali. Piecemeal from the holy water of Beas River attracts pilgrims from all over India. The myriad of audacious conditioning like swash rafting and seaside camping in Manali. It make Beas River one of the stylish spots for a vagabond. 

Hampta Pass 

With a different range of tracks in the Hampta Trekking Passage, one can get fall in love with the scenic geographies of Manali. Its open green ranges and glacial denes . Located at a height of,100 bases. Hampta Pass is one of the most instigative and adrenaline- pumping conduits in Himachal Pradesh. Since this is a crossover journey, it offers the excursionists with two awful denes.

 – Kullu and Lahaul have entirely different geography. Although the journey starts from the timber- covered hilltop of Kullu. It comes to an end in the cold comeuppance of Lahaul. The Hampta Pass, in summation, gives a panoramic reach of different decors. Making it a truly stirring trail for touring in Manali. 

Solang Valley 

 Solang Valley, also known as ‘ Snow Valley, ’ is truly a residence for all the adventure suckers. Who are looking forward to camping in Manali. With conditioning like parachuting, paragliding, zorbing, quadrangle biking. And gondola, snowmobiling, steed riding, skiing, and string- auto lifts, you’re bound to get an adrenaline rush.

The vale offers a mesmerising view of the girding snow- clad peaks. Making it one of the stylish spots for adventure camps in Manali. 

 Bhrigu Lake 

Bhrigu is a glacial lake located at a height of,100 bases at the Kullu quarter in Himachal Pradesh. It gets its name from Maharishi Bhrigu who used to intervene near the lake. Piecemeal from the snowy geography, a striking view of Rola Kholi and Pandu Ropa. It makes Bhrigu Lake one of the stylish spots for camping and touring in Manali.

On the journey, you can walk through the backwoods trails from Gulaba to Rola Kholi. Here you can explore old municipalities, apple colonies, green ranges and meadows. 

Rohtang Pass 

 It enjoys a strategic position owing to which it offers a spellbinding view of Lahaul Valley and Chandra River. It makes it one of the most visited destinations for touring near Manali. One can enjoy some instigative adventure sports like skiing, ice- skating, sledge lifts, and paragliding. As you move forward, the magnificent binary peaks of Geypan can be seen approaching.

Giving it an important ethereal vibe. Since Rohtang Pass is counted amongst some of the most dangerous spots, neophyte motorists should avoid plying on these roads. Yet, in the same breath, this is also a popular spot that’s covered in numerous Manali stint packages. 

Chandrakhani Pass 

 Chandrakhani Pass stands out as one of the most tranquil and serene spots for touring and boarding near Manali. Positioned at an elevation of 3660 measures in the Kullu vale, Chandrakhani Pass offers an charming view of Pir Panjal.

The Deo Tibba crest, and Parbati mountains. Piecemeal from this, the Chandrakhani touring pass also offers a spellbinding view of the Kullu vale. It travels along throughout the excursion. Owing to its peaceful atmosphere and mesmerising geographies, Chandrakhani Pass is another pick for a couple’s trip to Manali. 

Tirthan Valley 

 Tirthan Valley is one of nature’s cautions that Himachal Pradesh boasts of. Adorned with a graphic view of lush green timbers and demitasse-clear lake. The vale offers an immaculate destination for a touring camp in Manali. Known as Himachal’s best- kept secret, Tirthan Valley is an ideal spot for comers and nature- suckers likewise.

The sprawling ranges, spurting blue aqueducts. And snow- clad peaks come together to make your Manali touring trip a remarkable bone . All ahoy, for the 

mountains are calling!

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