What’s the best way to paint with gouache?

    gouache paint

    You can express your emotions, feelings, and dreams with painting. Artists aren’t known by their names, they’re known by their work. They use different tricks, tips, and techniques to make their art look realistic, amazing, and appealing. In addition, they use acrylic, oil, and watercolor to make their work more versatile.

    A recent trend in the art supplies world is using Gouache paint to make something new and appealing to create luminous visuals. Although it wasn’t as popular as acrylics and oil paint, it’s now getting fame because it’s versatile and deep. However, most people aren’t familiar with it.

    Gouache paint: what is it?

    To draw something unique, gouache paint is a perfect combination of acrylic and watercolor paints. It’s thicker and more dry than other paints, so it takes less time to dry. Artists mixed it with water and gum to create multiple layers and natural texture. It resists light reflection, so artists can paint it matte.

    To Understanding basic art skills, color mixing techniques, and artistic tricks is essential for drawing with gouache paint. It not only helps you paint better but also polishes your creativity.

    What’s the best way to paint with gouache?

    Even though gouache paint looks like watercolor, it’s very different from acrylic and watercolor because of its composition. Because of its thickness and flexibility, it mixes well with all kinds of mediums. It’s pretty easy to paint with gouache, but you need to know some tips to do it right.

    Check out this step-by-step guide if you want to learn how to paint with gouache…

    1. Choosing a painting surface

    Gouache works best on a certain surface, so it’s really important to choose the right surface. You can draw with gouache colors on paper or hard paper. Highly skilled artists can also use plastic sheets and raw wood to create amazing art pieces. If you’re a beginner, you’ll want to use hard paper.

    2. Decide what colors you want to use

    It’s important that you pick the right acrylic paint when you’re painting with any colors, it brings life to your imagination. Take out all the small portions of colors you need from your palette and mix them up. Don’t let your palette dry.

    3. Colors and shades test

    The next step is to test colors and combinations. Make sure you clean your brush every time you use a new color. Use a small amount of color and start shading it from thick to low consistency. It’ll show you how volume affects shades and different combinations.

    4. Let’s paint the base

    After preparing your painting surface, you can then start adding a background or base. You can use gradient creation techniques to blend different colors for a perfect background. Ensure you use light shades.

    5. Details should be added

    Use more volume to create highlights, edges, and natural texture to your painting. You can use thin layers for light areas and thick coatings for dark areas.

    6.   Let it dry

    Once your paint is dry, frame it nicely and you’re ready to exhibit, hang on the wall, or gift your painting.

    Gouache Painting Techniques

    Painting with gouache is not a difficult task as it’s easy to mix or blend to produce different looks. Artists use different techniques to create realistic effects in their artwork.

    ●     Making gradients

    ●     Error-removing lifting

    ●     Blossoms

    ●     Paint with more volume

    ●     Creating 3D effects

    ●     Brushing your teeth

    ●     Glass

    ●     Creating opaque layers

    ●     Method with mixed media

    ●     It’s wet on wet

    ●     Putting wet on dry

    Here’s the deal

    After going through this guide, you’re well familiar with all the basic steps and techniques to draw incredibly amazing pieces of art with gouache paint. Use these effective tips and start trying to get perfection in gouache color painting. Paint like a pro with gouache paint. Just make sure the painting surface is right and the colours are good.   

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