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What Will Happen to Bitcoin in the Next Decade?

“To Crypto or Not to Crypto that is the Question that leads to demise.” – Najah Roberts.

With the introduction of Bitcoin to the world over a decade ago, the main function was to be a revolution in the financial ecosystem. Crypto currency in the first decade has been marked by wild price swings, missteps and scandals. But due to the investors and the currency’s enthusiasts they have doubled down on the optimism regarding its future. The coming decades will surely prove by hotel to cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin more vastly.

A compromised vision about Bitcoins

Bitcoin was set to be a broadless and decentralized option to the government and Central Bank so that it can control Fiat currencies. Transaction within the Bitcoin network does not deal with any third party mediators rather it is achieved with the help of blockchain. Nearly 13 years later, the original vision now seems to be compromised as the decentralization has given the way to become centralisation and the Bitcoin investors, those who have massive holdings of cryptocurrencies are said to control its price in the market space. There has been a sacrifice for the efficiency of massive mining farms due to democratization of printing money through mining. Since the Bitcoins debut more than 11,000 cryptocurrencies have been created and are traded on exchange. Today, the solution to complex problems is the blockchain, which has become a household word.

Evaluating the Next Decade.

The debate on whether Bitcoin will become the ultimate replacement of traditional currency will be a futile one. Because, such a debate mainly would be based on speculations, predictions, personal opinions etc. It’s better to analyze what significance and impact crypto world is likely to make rather than being involved in speculations. The importance of Bitcoins evolution can be significantly proved by the next decade because the revolution within the financial ecosystem brings a couple of areas in Bitcoins ecosystem to which the investors should always pay close attention. Currently, being a store of value and a medium for daily transactions is where cryptocurrency is poised between. Investors are eager to get in on any action and profit from the volatility in the prices even as governments around The World, such as Japan, has declared cryptocurrency a valid form of payment for the goods. The problems with security and scandal prevented both occurrences from happening. Experts say that Bitcoin will soon become mainstream and have a remarkably different reputation. New cryptocurrencies which include Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin gold aim to adjust with the parameters of the ecosystem in order to handle more transactions rapidly. Due to the evolution of regulations to keep, it is likely said that the ecosystem will soon expand. Many experts also say that there will be an explosion of low-cost payments which will transform the value exchange with the way the internet transforms information exchange. 

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