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What to Expect from the New File Explorer in Windows 11?

It has recently emerged that Microsoft is working on a major overhaul for the File Explorer application in their flagship OS, Windows 11. Around the beginning of 2023, keen-eyed software sleuths noticed some pieces of code in a recent Windows 11 preview build. The code in question indicated that a significant UI change was on the cards. Windows 11 has already included a number of changes to File Explorer, and it seems that Microsoft are looking to continue that work. We discussed this with a Microsoft Solutions Partner, TechQuarters, about this. They discussed the history of file explorer and what the upcoming updates to it are likely to include.

What is File Explorer?

The File Explorer app was initially released nearly 30 years ago, in August 1995, and paved the way for nearly all modern file management solutions that come as standard in most operating systems. As a provider of IT support Croydon and London businesses rely on, TechQuarters confirmed that File Explorer is a crucial component to the workflows and productivity models of the Windows operating system; and with Windows 11, it is closely tied to how Microsoft 365 and Windows intersect in a professional context.

User Interface Changes

One of the biggest changes between Windows 10 and Windows 11 was that the latter underwent a major transformation in interface and design principle. The Windows 11 interface is sleeker and more minimalist than any of its predecessors, with a focus on a more modernized method of navigation that is more visual and intuitive. Based on the bits of code that were discovered in the preview build, some mock-ups were created to predict what the new File Explorer would look like. Some of the predicted changes were:

  • A new header interface
  • A modern file directory
  • A moder search box
  • A ‘Home’ button

When we asked TechQuarters about their opinions of these upcoming changes, their opinion that the changes are most welcome. As a provider of IT support for Healthcare providers, and many other types of organisation, their impression was that most organisations will welcome a more modern File Explorer interface.

Integration with OneDrive & Microsoft 365

As previously mentioned, there has been a definite move by Microsoft to make Windows 11 much more tailored to business usage compared to any other iteration of Windows. There are many ways in which it displays a high level of integration with Microsoft 365 (which is well known as a business productivity solution). According to TechQuarters’ experience providing outsourced IT support London and Croydon businesses rely on, this type of integration makes for a more seamless user experience, and by extension, more productive workflows.

The integration that will be coming to the new File Explorer seems to be mainly based around seamless interaction with OneDrive – the personal cloud storage solution that is included in Microsoft 365 licenses. Some of the predicted features are as follows:

  • Recommended Pane – This is a pane that would sit at the top of the main display window on the home page; it will included a horizontally scrolling list of recently edited or opened files (including a brief summary of what actions have be made within each file). The recommended pane will also feature larger thumbnails, like in Microsoft OneDrive online.
  • Details Pane – The area in File Explorer dedicated to displaying details of certain files is also going to be improved. It will include things like related conversations, related files, and recent activity. The sharing and access management options will also be redesigned in the details pane.
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