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What to Do with Your BMW in a Car Accident?

One of the world’s most popular car brands, BMW has been in the market for a very long time. The brand became a symbol for rich and wealth. The car brand has been famous for creating very high-quality cars. Not just on the engine but also on its durability on the road. However, even with a beautiful piece of machine, accidents can still occur. Here comes a question, what to do with your BMW in a Car Accident?

Never Leave the Premise

Leaving your car or leaving an accident even though it’s minor or causes your car slight scratches, do not ever leave an accident. It can be considered a hit-and-run which is a crime.

Safety First

After a car collision or any car accident, the first thing to prioritize is your safety and the safety of your car comes in second. Although BMW cars have 5-star ratings on the crash tests, it can still scary depending on what accident you are in. So after the accident or collision, let yourself out of the car, check yourself if you had wounds, and then check the car for damages and potential damages.

Call the Authorities

Talk to the police about what happened, and seek some help from rescuers to check if you had any severe injuries. After talking to the professional, you should also consider calling your insurance company, and make sure to also get information from the person you had a collision with and other information about the people involved.

After finishing all of the first three steps, you should check the damage to your car. There are possible results that can happen after an accident such as your car may have some slight scratches, dents, mechanical problems, and the worst of all is being totaled. Take a picture of the damage to your car so you can submit it to the insurance company.

Although BMW cars ensure the safety of their passengers, a lot of mechanical parts can be damaged. Even if the car wasn’t totaled, it is better to call a tow truck to prevent any more damage.

However, after an accident, the first two things to check are:


Shut off the fuel switch immediately to prevent any leakage of gasoline. Since it is high-flammable, any type of spark from the accident can cause and initiate a fire breakout which is highly dangerous.

On BMW cars, the computer system automatically changes the pumping rate of fuel. Through this process, the risk of adding more fuel to the fire will be lessened. This can also avoid more fuel from flowing throughout the car, which is also a risk since newer models of BMW cars have a lot of electrical parts that can cause a spark and cause a fire.


Another one of the most dangerous parts of a vehicle in case of an accident is the battery. Surely every car, not just BMW, may relate to such risk of leaving the battery out. Since the battery houses the majority of the car’s electrical parts, even a tiny spark on an electrical circuit might result in a fire.

What to do next after shutting off the fuel and battery?

Once done checking the battery and fuel, time to check for the overall damage to the car. This is the time to inspect your car and whether it will need a body shop repair. Although the parts need to be imported since the car company is from Germany, there is also BMW collision repair in Houston. And here are the other things that need to be checked:


The frame of the car is a very important part of a car, as it holds the pieces of the car together. Slight damage, scratches, and dents can have an effect on the mechanical parts inside the car. For minor or major accidents, always check if your bumpers have been crumpled or your fenders have been dented. Areas that are exposed to a collision are the most likely to have damage. Also, if your car doors have dents, make sure to carefully get out of the car to avoid any injuries and any further damage to the car.


Fuel leakage isn’t the only leak that should be checked. This will include brake fluid lines, transmission fluid, engine oil, and other parts of the car that has fluid lines. Leaving these parts of the car unchecked may not be a high risk like a fuel leakage that can cause a fire. However, if fluid lines were left unchecked may result in another accident that can cause even more damage to the car. Even though BMW cars are luxurious and high-quality, faulty fluid lines can prevent the car from working properly.


If the engine light turns on right after the accident, make sure to bring it into a repair shop that runs diagnostics. This is a way to find the exact issue of the engine and get it fixed. However, make sure that the shop you are bringing the car to specializes in BMW. Because, unlike domestic cars, BMW runs different diagnostic tests to make sure the car is working properly.


Check if some part of the car has damaged glass. This includes windshields and side mirrors which are both very fragile if a car goes into a collision. This is to avoid any more injuries to the owner. Even minor damage to the windshield most likely happens to worsen if left unchecked which is very expensive to repair and problematic. Therefore, it is preferable to tape it first with duct tape to cover the damaged part, or if it has significant damage, it is preferable to call a tow truck to carry it to the shop.


Unusual noises are clearly heard in BMW’s fantastic and beautiful-sounding creation. Loose screws, issues with the engine belt, obstructions in the exhaust system, and other damage from the auto accident may all be the cause of creaking noises. It’s better to bring the car to the shop to pinpoint where these noises are coming from.

Dealing with car accidents is truly a headache. You put safety first, but you also consider whether your car can get repaired or whether it is totally destroyed. Furthermore, it is quite expensive to repair a luxurious car like BMW. If you have brought it to a normal repair shop, you might have bought parts that are imported from Germany. Good thing there are domestic shops that specialize in BMW repairs. If you are near the area and in need of repair, there is a BMW body shop in Houston that specializes in repairs on BMW cars that were damaged in a car accident.

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