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What To Do If Your Marriage Isn’t Working?

It is a common problem in the modern era where a couple realizes their marriage isn’t working anymore. It is a commendable decision to do something about it first instead of giving up on the relationship, says Natasha Sharma, an expert at Marriage Counselling Etobicoke. She offers Therapy Greater Toronto Area at NKS Therapy.

If you are one of the couples who are skeptical about couples therapy, then you must try Marriage Counselling Etobicoke with Natasha Sharma. She will give you a new perspective on marriage counselling and your relationships. Let’s first learn more about marriage counselling itself.

Even in a successful marriage, there are always ups and downs. The couple might feel like their bond is weakening over time, or their thoughts do not match anymore. A couple goes through work-life stress and personal life stress of both individuals, and these might cause conflicts. In such cases, a couple might seek Marriage Therapy or Couples Therapy. These are branches of psychotherapy that deal with sorting out fights between a couple by strengthening their relationship and showing them the weak points in their relationship or the positivity of their bond. They give them activities and advice that results in improving their relationship in due course.

It is always advised to visit Natasha Sharma for Marriage Counselling Etobicoke before it’s too late. Conflicts in a relationship worsen over time if not fixed early.

Marriage Counseling helps in the following ways:

  • Have a comfortable space for both you and your partner
  • Have an unbiased opinion
  • Get insights into each other’s perspectives
  • Understand your relationship’s dynamics

Have a comfortable space for both you and your partner:

It is not possible to feel safe and comfortable at one’s own house alone, arguing with your partner. You might feel attacked, or your partner might feel trapped. Couples restrict vulnerability and are unable to communicate calmly.

During a couple’s therapy, there’s an expert individual overseeing the matter who wins your trust and pushes you and your partner to open up. This helps the couple to express their feelings and understand others as well. It pulls you out of a rather messy situation and puts you into a discussion resulting in mutual benefit.

Have an unbiased opinion:

Often couples prefer having a therapist who is a stranger to both of them the first time. However, a good therapist like Natasha Sharma builds a dome of trust and respect around them eventually. This builds a belief in the couple’s conscience that the expert is an unbiased individual with an impartial opinion on their matter.

The therapist allows the two to interact themselves and only intervenes wherever necessary. It is the expert’s responsibility to convene honest opinions and thoughts on the relationship, individuals involved and their problems. The positive side of the relationship must also be made transparent to develop a feeling of hope.

Get insights about each other’s perspectives:

Due to anger, disgust, mistrust and other negative emotions, a couple loses the ability to understand and accept each other’s perspectives. It is not selfish to hold your perspective above the latters. This can be easily fixed by introducing a third perspective that depicts the other two perspectives with their own eyes.

Couples Therapy is responsible for eliminating miscommunication and misunderstandings. It brings the complete matter clear for the couple to observe each other’s perspectives, dissatisfaction and faults.

Understand your relationship’s dynamics:

NKS Therapy Greater Toronto Area gets clients of all kinds, with a variety of relationships as well. Every couple goes through different situations in their relationship, which results in a variety of dynamics as well. It is important for every couple to ask themselves a few questions:-

What do you want from the other and the relationship? Do you have power or them? How have you tried to sort out things? In which matters do your thoughts differ?

The answers to these questions will give the couple a better understanding of where their relationship stands and whether they can fix things. Do they even want to fix things?

Final Words

If you seek therapy to stabilize your relationship, consult Natasha Sharma at NKS Therapy Greater Toronto Area for the best Marriage Counselling Etobicoke.

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