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What Software Does a Graphic Designer Use?

A Graphic Designer is a person who creates one or more visual representations of ideas and messages in order to convey information visually, in graphic form. The tasks can be diverse and require an understanding of layout, typography, image composition, painting, illustration, photography etc., which are skills that all designers need.”

Well there are much different software that graphic designer uses for the designs they create. Below we have sorted them.

Graphic Design Software a graphic designer uses:

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is an extremely powerful graphics and photo editing tool. It can be used for basically anything related to the graphic design world. Creating something as simple as a logo would definitely fall under the category of Photoshop being used.Adobe Photoshop is the most widely used graphic design software. It is owned by Adobe; one of the world’s largest software companies. Its functionality spans a wide range and applications, including design, video editing, web animation, and illustration.

Photoshop can be used for many purposes such as creating Web sites, banners, and covers for printed materials or design work within other programs such as InDesign or Illustrator. It also has a fluid vectorial sketching feature that allows very quick creation of artworks without importing images into the application and then focusing on color correction or other production tasks that take more time than simply using tools to create something from scratch with minimal effort.

Photoshop also has many other uses for instance: web page design, animations, cartoons, and even video game designing as well. Last but certainly not least Photoshop is also necessary to create digital art. There are tons of ways people use it to create digital art.

Adobe Illustrator

Another great graphics software you might use as a graphic designer is Adobe Illustrator. It’s an all around design software that does everything, almost like Adobe Photoshop (if you’ve read the above article). Illustrator is necessary for designing logos, websites, advertisements, or even your business card.

Illustrator is not only a design software. It’s also the program you will be learning in the classroom. It’s just like Photoshop except for the fact that it is a lot more organized and has alot more options than Photoshop does. You get to learn how to draw shapes with Illustrator and how to do them in Photoshop as well. So don’t worry if you can’t figure out what a certain tool does in Illustrator because Photoshop has some of the same tools, but they operate differently.

Corel draw

Corel Draw is a vector graphics program developed by Corel Corporation. It is the feature-rich successor to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, and has been extended in many ways over its predecessor.

The most significant change in Corel Draw (version X3) was the incorporation of a new interface designed to take advantage of multiple displays and mouse input, as well as multitasking (the ability to create and edit overlapping shapes simultaneously).

CorelDraw X3 includes an almost complete range of traditional vector-graphics features, including poly-lines and polygon meshes. However, many users find the interface somewhat counter intuitive and outdated compared to other graphics software, such as Adobe Illustrator.

Corel Draw is used primarily for work in the graphic design industry. The CorelDRAW X3 interface is designed around a central panel called the Project Window. That displays thumbnails of open documents and provides direct access to commands and tools.

Adobe XD

Designed from the ground up with performance in mind, Adobe XD enables you to create prototypes that feel and look authentic. It also enabls you to effectively convey your design vision and uphold team alignment. It is a robust and user-friendly vector-based experience design platform. Adobe XD provides teams with the tools they need to jointly create the best experiences. With cross-platform interoperability, XD, which is available on Mac and Windows computers, meets teams where they are working.


In terms of functionality and features, Figma is a cloud-based design application similar to Sketch, but with significant variations that make Figma superior for team collaboration. Figma streamlines the designing process and along with that, it is more efficient than other tools at facilitating productive teamwork for people who are dubious about such assertions.

Final Note

One of the most sought-after careers nowadays is graphic design. This industry is ideal for persons with a creative attitude. The need for graphic designers is increasing quickly along with the times. Therefore, if you are interested in this industry, act quickly. Well, you need proper training for using this software. The best way to get into this sector is with the assistance of graphic designing courses. Therefore, due to the huge demand for graphic designers and to meet the manpower pipeline,  numerous institutes are there that are providing graphic design courses.  

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