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Garage door materials are largely a matter of personal preference. However, there are practical considerations. Maintenance, long-term cost and flexibility are all important considerations. Here is a comparison of three common garage doors.

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  • Look. Steel garage doors look modern and sleek and are easy to maintain.
  • Options. There are many options available for steel garage doors, such as appearance, size, and so forth.
  • Low maintenance. Steel garage doors are easy to maintain . They can withstand extreme temperatures and won’t splinter, split or peel over time.


  • Dents. These doors don’t need much maintenance but can be easily dragged up.
  • Insulation. Steel garage doors can be fitted with insulation features, even though it is not the most efficient insulator.



  • Attractiveness. A wooden garage door has many benefits. A wooden garage door has a beautiful grain that is perfect for older homes.
  • Flexibility. Wood can be made into almost any shape or size. Wood can be used to make any size or shape of a garage.
  • Toughness. Wood doors can withstand a few hits, unlike steel doors. It won’t dent like steel.


  • Damage. Wood will crack and split if it isn’t properly maintained.
  • Maintenance. Garage doors made of wood need to be painted frequently and the bolts should be tightened regularly. Swelling can occur in humid and rainy environments, as well as areas where water may pool at the base.
  • Insulation. A wooden door is not an efficient insulator and it is more difficult to make a wooden one.
  • Cost. Wooden garage doors are more expensive. They may also require a stronger opener.

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  • Cost. Vinyl is one of the most durable and affordable garage doors.
  • Maintenance. Because the door is made from one color, it requires less frequent painting. Vinyl is also resistant to rust.
  • Durability. This material can resist dents and is generally strong. It won’t split, unlike wood. Vinyl doors are weather-resistant and can withstand swelling or warping caused by humidity. They also have coatings that make them resist color fading from sunlight exposure.


  • Insulation. Vinyl doors can also be bought with insulation built in, just like steel doors. Vinyl garage doors are not sufficient to insulate your garage.
  • Color permanence. Vinyl garage doors are not able to be changed once they have been installed. Many homeowners have to replace the entire door if they don’t like the look of the original.
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