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What makes ASP.NET an obvious choice for web development?

When a web framework has a large ecosystem of more than 3,700 companies and 100k developers along with a gigantic library of 90k packages and with over 395,000+ stars on GitHub, there is no surprise why it always tops the list of companies and developers when it comes to web development. Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about ASP.NET. 

For quite some time, ASP.NET has been the most preferred choice of web development frameworks and by the looks of things, it is obvious that it will continue its domination in the near future as well. ASP.NET is a product of Microsoft and it carries a glorious history with pride. During its journey, it has achieved a lot, making it the choice of many tech pioneers like Intell and Dell. 

A developer working on ASP.NET and that’s why they avoid switching to any other framework just to get a couple of additional features. ASP.NET is a simple yet effective framework but what makes it worth it is its long list of features which we are about to discuss in this blog post. 

Cross-architectural and cross-platform framework 

Imagine you are working on an application with a confined framework and you are bound to use the same framework throughout the project. If during the course of development, you decide to switch to another platform, apart from changing the framework, you have to rebuild the app from scratch and this will prove to be a great waste of time, effort, and money. 

But that’s not an issue when you are ASP.NET store front since it is a cross-platform framework. Also, since ASP.NET is a cross-architectural framework, it liberates you from the restrictions along with all the linked problems of a restricted framework. 

ASP.NET empowers you to execute your project on different platforms like Linux, Mac iOS, and Windows as well as on different architectures like ARM, x64, and x86. This is how you unlock the true potential of your application while building the ASP.NET store front. 

Best toolbox 

The toolbox of the framework you are working on can be the difference between a feature-rich, seamless application and an application full of bugs with confined features. Fortunately, when you decide to work on ASP.NET framework, you get the richest toolbox available in the market. 

In the ASP.NET world, you get this rich toolbox through Visual Studio integrated development environment. This toolbox acts as a crucial building framework and allows the developer to boost the speed of development without compromising on the quality of the application. 

The toolbox you get in ASP.NET is famous for its unique features like-

  • Automatic deployment 
  • Drag-and-drop server controls WYSIWYG editing
  • Availability of all controls in the same place

There are more than 100 controls available in the toolbox of ASP.NET and it makes ASP.NET mobile application development a lot easier and quicker. 

Brilliant performance 

The unparalleled performance given by the framework of ASP.NET is what makes it top the list of choices for application development. The Hardware Intrinsics offers access to all the instructions related to the hardware like vector 2, vector 3, and much more. All these are not that easy to be exposed in a usual-purpose mechanism. 

The Tiered Compilation allows ASP.NET runtime to use the same method for an application with unique assembly code implementations. All these features and properties allow ASP.NET to deliver exceptional performance and that’s why developers prefer it for ASP.NET mobile application development. 


The best thing about ASP.NET is that every task on this framework can be performed easily, right from the most common ones to the most challenging ones. It is the common language runtime that makes development a pie for experienced and skilled developers. Furthermore, services like automatic reference counting and garbage collection make things easier for the developer. 

When you work on ASP.NET ecommerce solutions, it allows you to build a user interface that can easily separate presentation code and application logic. A developer working on ASP.NET knows how easy and effective it is to work on this framework in comparison to all the other available frameworks. 

High level of customization 

The well-factored architecture of the framework is a big help for the developers working on ASP.NET ecommerce solutions. While working on ASP.NET, one can easily replace or extend all the subcomponents of the ASP.NET runtime with the help of custom-prepared components. 

With so many features, ease of use, and cross-functional capability, there is no doubt why ASP.NET is the ultimate choice for developers when it comes to application development. In a world where time matters the most, ASP.NET aids in quick application development without compromising on the quality of the application.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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