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What Is The Yukon Community Pilot Program And How To Apply In 5 Steps

Canada has hundreds of immigration and visa options. Programs like Express Entry are well-known among the prospective immigrants, while others like the Yukon Community Pilot Program are less known. 

Yukon is an unpretentious, small region known for its long summer days and chilled winters with short days. If you have a good support system and full-time valid employment in this territory, you can successfully immigrate to Canada.

The Yukon Community Pilot Program

The Yukon Community Pilot Program refers to an immigration scheme introduced by the northern territory of Yukon in Canada. It is a part of the Yukon Nominee Program (YNP).

The Yukon Community Pilot Program was created to give flexibility to the territory’s employers so that they can address the seasonal employment nature in the area. It focuses on the economic growth, labor market needs, and retention of communities out of WhiteHorse. However, WhiteHorse employers are also eligible to apply. 

Under the Yukon Community Pilot Program, candidates will get a work permit for two years once you have submitted a Canada work permit application. After that, they are eligible to apply for a Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) visa. The Government of Yukon launched this program in the year 2020 and it will be kept open till 2023. A candidate who applies through this program can work for two to three employers from Yukon’s participating community. 

Who Can Apply?

Small- and medium-sized businesses from the Yukon community who are otherwise not eligible for other YNP programs can apply. Employers should justify why the other YNP programs don’t meet their requirements. The Yukon Community Pilot program is for employers in Dawson City, Carmacks, Carcross, Watson Lake, WhiteHorse, and Haines Junction. 

Your business should satisfy the below requirements in order to be eligible for it:

  • Your business should have operated for at least a complete year
  • The business operator or owner should be a permanent resident of Canada or a Canadian citizen.
  • Your business should be in good terms with the Corporate Affairs Branch,  Employment Standards Branch, and Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety Board of Yukon. 

Foreign workers are not eligible to apply. The Yukon government accepts applications only from employers and not from nominees. 

Steps to Apply for the Yukon Community Pilot Program

Listed below are the important steps to follow if you want to apply for the Yukon Community Pilot Program:

1. Check Eligibility

Take an eligibility test to know whether you are eligible for immigration or visa through the Yukon Community Pilot Program. The requirements are quite simple. You also have to meet the experience, age and language requirements. 

2. Get a Job Offer

Look for a job offer from categories that are classified under levels 0, A, and B of the National Occupations Classification (NOC). Further, it should also be run through the Critical Impact Worker Program or Skilled Worker Program, which is meant for low to mid or unskilled workers with experience in jobs classified under NOC levels C or D. Once you have landed a job in Yukon under these categories, your chances of getting a nomination increases. 

3. Collect the Needed Documents

You need to keep the below documents ready to apply for the Yukon Community Pilot Program:

  • Results of language tests
  • Financials and bank statements
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Medical test certificate
  • A letter of support issued by the provincial government
  • A valid job offer

4. Get a Letter of Support from the Government of Yukon

You should get a letter of support from the Government of Yukon. It should be notarized and mention that:

  • The companies employing you should begin working in the vicinity right away
  • The job offers are real
  • The job offer specifics such as the name of the employers, work hours, job location, and occupation

5. Apply for an Open Work Permit

Once you have got a job in Yukon and collected all the required documents, you can apply for the Yukon Community Pilot Program online. You will have to fill out many forms. Processing times have been reduced, thanks to the fact that the Government of Yukon wants candidates to begin working at the earliest and LMIA-exception. You can get your nomination in just six months. 

Applying for the Yukon Community Pilot Program is as simple as that! The idea behind this program is to retain employees in in-demand job positions and skilled workers. So, a significant part of obtaining a visa through this is your intention. You have to prove that you intend to reside in Yukon within 3-6 months of starting employment and submit a PR application to the Canadian Government. 

If you need professional assistance to help you through this process, you can hire visa consultants in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, or elsewhere. This can keep the stress away and ensure a hassle-free visa process. 

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