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What is the syllabus of the MBA CAT exam? 

The MBA CAT syllabus is generally very vast but still aspirants can complete it within 2-3 months if the candidate gives a good number of hours to the syllabus preparation .

CAT 2022 syllabus: Introduction

 The  syllabus of MBA CAT exam consists mainly of three subjects – Data interpretation and logical reasoning, Verbal ability and Reading comprehension and Quantitative Aptitude. The basic sub topics included in these subjects are those which a student has already studied in school. The important topics which a candidate should focus on are Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra, Percentage, Graphs, English Grammar, Series completion, Coding and decoding etc.

The Syllabus for the CAT exam for the admission for MBA has not changed from the last ten years. 

Important points for CAT syllabus 2022:

  • The Verbal ability and Reading comprehension section of CAT syllabus 2022 for MBA includes different types of topics as English Grammar, Verbal Reasoning and Reading Comprehension. 
  • Quantitative Aptitude section of CAT exam syllabus 2022 covers the topics from mathematics from 9-10th class such as Algebra, Geometry, Arithmetic, 

Mensuration and Trigonometry. 

  • The Data interpretation and logical reasoning section of CAT 2022 syllabus covers the topics such as Pie charts, Tables, Analytical interpretation of data presented in the form of puzzles and Bar graphs.

Topics for CAT 2022 syllabus:

The important topics for the CAT syllabus 2022 are given below in the table including their weightage. While preparing for the CAT exam, the candidate’s main focus should be on these topics and subjects. 

CAT Syllabus 2022

 Topics for CAT 2022 syllabus

             Subjects Weightage  
Reading Comprehensionpara meaning, order of sentences, Questions based on passages
Data interpretationGraphs, Pie Charts, Venn Diagram, Tables
Logical Reasoning Seating Arrangement, Caselets and Syllogism, Blood relation                                 16%
Quantitative AptitudeAlgebra, Number System, Arithmetic, Mensuration, Geometry                                         34%
Verbal AbilityParasummary, Sentence Completion and Inferences , Para jumbles

CAT 2022 Syllabus: Reading Comprehension and Verbal ability

VARC section is the upper most section in the CAT exam paper and the time to solve this section is 40 minutes. This section is mainly divided into two parts: Reading comprehension and Verbal ability. All the important topics from this section are given below in the table. The greatest number of questions are expected from the Reading Comprehension part. 

                                                                    CAT Syllabus 2022 VARC
Fill in the blanks      Pars Completion and inference                Verbal logic
Verbal reasoning Reading ComprehensionIdioms
Grammar Subject verb arrangementAntonyms
Sentence completionForeign language words used in EnglishDifferent usage of same word
SyllogismsSentence correctionPara jumbles
Jumbled paragraphsAnalogiesArticles usage
Phrases modifiersErrors in tensesTypes of clauses
Parts of speechPrepositionOne word substitution

CAT exam syllabus 2022 : Logical reasoning and Data interpretation

DILR is the second section of the CAT exam question paper and this section is to be solved after the VARC section . This section is divided into two parts Logical reasoning and data interpretation. The important topics from this section are presented below in the table. 

                                                                 CAT 2022 Syllabus DILR
SeriesBinary logicData Sufficiency
Blood relationFamily treeBars and line graphs
Direction SenseData arrangementPie charts
Coding DecodingClocks and calendarsData structures
Puzzles Seating arrangementsVenn diagram
AssumptionsSets and CaseletsSyllogism

CAT syllabus 2022 : Topics for Quantitative Aptitude

The topics given below in the table are chapter wise important topics. 

                       Important topics for Quantitative Aptitude
Modern math Topics for CAT Binomial theoremSet theorySequence and seriesProbabilityPermutation and Combination

Geometry Topics for CAT syllabus 2022
Triangles Basic conceptsArea and anglesLines and anglesPolygonsSimilar trianglesCirclesSolidsMenstruation, 3D geometryTrigonometryCoordinate geometry
Number system Topics for CATProperties of numbersDivisibility rulesBasics of numbersDivisibility and factorsFinding out the last digitHighest common factor and lowest Common multipleFinding out last two digitsBasic divisibility rulesNumber of trailing zeroesBinomial theoremFermat’s theoremEuler’s TheoremPattern Recognition and cyclicity of RemaindersWilson’s TheoremConversion of basesAddition, subtraction, Multiplication in different basesBase systems
Arithmetic Topics for CAT 2022 syllabusProfit and lossMixtures and allegationsTime speed and distanceTime and workRatio and proportionSimple and compound InterestMean Median ModeAveragesPercentages

Algebra Topics for CAT
Linear EquationsProblems on agesBasic Algebraic FormulaeQuadratic equationsNumber of integer solutionsFinding out rootsInequalitiesDescartes Rule of SignsHigher Degree EquationsMaxima and minimaInequalitiesFunctionsLogarithmThe smallest value in a Maximum FunctionModifications of Graphs

Download detailed CAT 2022 syllabus pdf here at https://www.shiksha.com/mba/cat-exam-syllabus

CAT exam syllabus 2022 FAQs:

Q. Which section is considered the toughest in the CAT exam? 

  1. The CAT exam is overall tough but it has been observed in the past years that the VARC section is a bit more tough than other sections. 

Q. Which section of the CAT exam carries the highest marks? 

  1. Although there is not much difference between the marks of different sections but VARC section carries about 72 marks and QA section carries 66 marks there is no huge difference between their marks.
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