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Fingerboarding & Fingerboards and Everything in Between: Get Tips by Professionals

Fingerboarding is now more than a hobby; it has become integral to some people’s lifestyles. Boosting the ability to concentrate and promoting creativity drives the popularity of fingerboarding. A small-scale replica of a real skateboard is used in this activity, allowing riders to reproduce and recreate skateboarding tricks and maneuvers.

Do you want to become a pro in fingerboarding? If your answer is yes, this blog is just for you. But before you begin your ride to a pro, you need to customize the fingerboard as per your comfort. Though professional fingerboards are great, they should look like they were just made for you.

Let’s delve deep into this blog to begin your journey to becoming an expert at fingerboarding.

Get Yourself a Custom Fingerboard

Getting better at fingerboarding is possible only when you have the best equipment for this sport. However, the best is not always expensive; you may buy a custom fingerboard that doesn’t hurt your pocket. However, you need to consider one thing it should be proportional to your hand size.

If possible, you must try the fingerboard before buying it and check all its parts. It primarily includes fingerboard trucks, wheels sides, etc. If it feels comfortable after testing, you can buy it and begin to practice fingerboarding to improve your skills.

Fingerboarding Needs Practice

Practice is what it takes to become a pro at riding a fingerboard. With time, you will eventually get better at fingerboarding. First, however, you have to practice in the correct form every time. For example, put your index finger in the middle and your middle finger on the back lip of the fingerboard.

While your index finger is responsible for controlling balance and stability, the middle finger will help you perform the tricks. So, practice in the correct position and make sure your fingers are comfortable. Then, gradually you will find yourself improving at fingerboarding.

Try Basic Movements

You can get better at fingerboarding by mastering the basics with these movements: –

  • Press Down Twist: Learn turning tricks by pressing down on the back lip. Twist your finger left and right to turn pro fingerboards in the direction you want them to.
  • Lift-Coast Forward-Twist: Practice lifting the front end of the fingerboard and coasting forward to turn without twisting your fingers. Keep practicing this move over and over at different speeds.
  • Launch in the air: Every fingerboard rider should get familiar with this movement. Get your fingerboard in the starting position, move it back and forth, and apply pressure on the back lip to launch the fingerboard in the air. Your board will go up in the air, and stable it with your index finger.
  • Kickflip: You just need to perform the same steps as you were doing in the air launch except sliding your index finger off the board while it’s in the air. It will destabilize the board, causing it to rotate once, then land back on the ground.

So, these are a few movements that can help you learn the art of fingerboarding. But, of course, you can also comprehend these movements through videos or visuals.

On The Final Note

Becoming a pro at Fingerboarding requires time and one more important thing mentorship. So, this blog is wholly dedicated to those individuals willing to master the art of fingerboard riding. One thing everyone needs to know is that you must have the best custom fingerboard ramps, skateboard toys, tech decks, and custom fingerboard decks, as they will surely help you learn fingerboarding in a short time. All the above, the tricks and tips by professionals will also help you get better at fingerboarding.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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