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What Is The Difference Between A Travel Itinerary And A Flight Ticket?

Planning your next trip to explore the sky-high Swiss alps or Pairs Louvre Museum and need a travel itinerary or fight reservation for a visa application? 

What is an actual flight ticket?

An actual flight ticket is a ticket that you buy at an actual price from the airline itself. There are two types of actual fight tickets:

One-Way Ticket: This is a type of ticket that allows you to travel to a host country but not return; for the latter purpose, you need to buy another one-way ticket. 

Return Air Ticket: A return air ticket is one that gives you permission to travel to the host country as well as return from it. 

For obvious reasons, a one-way ticket is cheaper than a return air ticket. However taking a combined factor into account, the overall cost surpasses that of return tickets by a wide margin. 

What is a flight reservation for a visa or a dummy air ticket? 

A flight reservation for a visa or a dummy air ticket is the document that you attach with your visa application to increase your chance of visa approval. It costs you only a very tiny sum of money. 

Likewise, you can convert a flight itinerary for visa application into an actual ticket, if need be. Also, you can verify a flight reservation document from the airlines’ websites – something that has been practiced in embassies across the world to verify applicants’ claims. 

Such dummy tickets that you can verify from the airlines’ websites are called verifiable flight reservations. Therefore, when attaching the dummy ticket with your visa application, you have to ensure that you are attaching a verified one. A verifiable document increases your chance of visa approval manifold. 

What is a travel itinerary? 

A travel itinerary is a detailed document that lists your plan of travel in the host nation. A travel itinerary in your visa application includes the places that you tend to visit against specified dates and times. Likewise, it also includes the modes of transportation that you will be using while visiting the places. 

It is pertinent here to mention that your dummy air ticket can be (on some occasions) your travel itinerary. But it’s not the usual case. 

You can use travel literature (available both online and offline) to craft a travel itinerary. This travel literature includes:

  • Journals
  • Guides
  • Personal Blogs & Vlogs
  • Diaries
  • And, PDF files

As crafting a travel itinerary is a difficult and extremely professional task, customers prefer it to be done by their travel agents. A well-crafted travel itinerary can increase your chances of visa approval by many folds. Your travel itinerary may also include information about events and meetings that you will hold in the host nation. Likewise, leisure travel is an important component of your travel plan

It is always better to attach both a flight reservation for visa application and a detailed travel itinerary when applying for Schengen or any other type of business. 

Difference between a dummy ticket and an actual ticket

When applying for a visa, always attach a dummy ticket, and not an actual ticket, with your visa application. If embassy officials approve your visa, you can convert a verifiable flight reservation into an actual ticket and if they don’t, you’ll lose a very petty some of the money. 

On the other hand, an actual ticket costs you a hefty sum of money and if your visa application gets rejected, you’ll lose the majority part of the actual amount.

To things into perspective, an average-priced round-trip actual ticket from London to New York will cost you a mammoth $750. On the other hand, a dummy air ticket or a flight reservation for a visa application will cost you only $15 or less. So, isn’t it cost-efficient to attach a dummy air ticket with your visa application? 

You can buy a dummy ticket online from a verifiable travel agent like Schengen Flight Reservation Visa. If you are traveling in a group, never shy away from asking for a discount. 

As far as the pricing for the travel itinerary is concerned, it can cost you anything between $30 to $70. Again, the benefit of attaching a well-crafted itinerary is that there is a strong chance your visa application gets approved. 

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