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What Is The Cost Of Installing a Ceiling Fan In Perth?

Who doesn’t want to cut down their energy bills? Utility bills can be a grind in summer. The ceiling fan will help you beat the scorching heat waves and the best part is that it’s cost-effective. Ceiling fan installation may seem easier for you but let me alert you to some safety threats. It’s better to get it done by a professional for efficiency and protection. 

If you’re looking for Electrical Services installation in Perth, you should research in-depth what to expect in terms of cost. This article will outline the various costs associated with installing a ceiling fan, as well as the benefits of hiring a professional team for your electrical needs. 

Factors Affecting The Ceiling Fan Installation Cost

The installation cost varies depending on the model you choose, the labor required for the particular task, the room size and where you live. If you don’t want to break the bank, estimate the budget in the initial step. Let’s explore some of the most important factors that can impact your installation cost.

How wide is your room?

The size of your bedroom, living room or any other room where you have planned to install ceiling fans makes a lot of difference. Depending upon the dimensions of your room, you would require a larger or smaller fan to upgrade the air circulation and cooling capacity. 

It is so because the ceiling fan needs to be in the right proportion according to the size of a particular room. 29 to 72 inches is the usual size for most rooms.  Fitting more giant ceiling fans requires more labour, time and effort. Installers may charge extra in this case. 

A larger ceiling fan contains heavy blades, motors and snaps and its installation cost can generate dunt in your pockets.  

Type of work required by you

According to your required workings, professionals increase or decrease their service charges. It’s not just fitting the fan but also includes the installation of a wall switch, drilling of holes, and management of wires. You will need to pay more if your ceiling demands cleaning before the actual fitting of a fan. 

If you want to install the outdoor ceiling then prices will raise as weather-resistant quality would be required. It’s important to protect the outdoor ceiling fan from harmful things like water or dust. In order to do that, the price range will be increased automatically. Always expect to pay more if you don’t want to compromise on quality.

Your Chosen Ceiling Fan

What type of quality,  material, or blade you choose in fans also affects the final cost. You would need to pay more if your chosen ceiling fan is;

  • Made up of genuine hardwood
  • The blades in it are Durable
  • If Blades are made up of steel instead of nickel coating

Ceiling fans mostly installed in residential homes are fitted parallel or straight down to the ceiling. A fan with five blades and a light fixture is enough and suitable for domestic needs. it’s worth nearly 100 to 500 dollars. 

The benefits of professional ceiling fan installation

Fitting a Ceiling fan isn’t as easy as it sounds likes. An inexperienced person is highly not recommended to do this task on their own. Hunt for the right team of electricians to get it done.

It’s safe

Any kind of inconvenience during this procedure can be life-taking. It’s better for you and the people around you to stay away from this mess. Another than this, in case of incorrect actions, the whole electrical system can be affected and this thing will cost you more.

Contact HQ Electrical & Air for getting the right thing done without hurting anyone. 

Your time is precious 

Identifying the actual errors can be really time-taking. Even if you think you can do it on your own, implementation of the correct steps would take you days. Why fall into such a mess from which you can’t get out for weeks? There’s no point in wasting your valuable time since HQ Electrical & Air is here! Call them now to get the task done in an orderly manner. 

Final Thoughts

Even if you’re budget conscious or not,  saving some dollars is always a great option. Improper ceiling fan installation can cause serious damage to the electrical system of your house which can cost you more. 

Why pay more when HQ Electrical & Air is offering exclusive rates? Hire them if you’re looking for a team having incredible technical knowledge. They offer smooth and long-fix Electrical Services installation

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