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What Is Human Resource Management Software?

The human resources management software or Human Resources Management System (HRMS) or HR Fatoora ERP software in Saudi Arabia is a digital solution that combines several systems and processes to manage and optimize the daily tasks of HR departments and the general objectives specific to the HR departments of a given organization.

Types of HR Software

There Are Several Types of HR Software That Help Organizations Achieve Different Goals. Here Are A Few:

1 Applicant Tracking System: This is an HR recruiting software that simplifies an organization’s hiring process. It typically handles tasks such as storing candidate data, posting vacancies on multiple job portals, and screening potentially suitable candidates for vacancies.

2️ Performance Management: A performance management platform is designed for HR professionals, managers, and employees to assess employee skills, set performance goals, and track their improvements.

3️ Onboarding: Onboarding software helps streamline and track the process of onboarding and integrating new employees into an organization. It typically includes electronic signatures, training program tracking, employee questionnaires, and other automated features to ensure that the HR team provides an effective onboarding experience for new hires.

4️ Human Resources Information System (HRIS): an HRIS provides multiple HR functions such as recruiting and tracking candidates, managing pay slips and benefits, storing employee data, controlling compliance with regulatory and legal requirements, etc.

An HRIS can be standalone software that you can integrate with other complementary HR applications, or it can be the central database of an all-in-one HR software.

5️ Employee Engagement: This is a platform that improves the engagement rate of individuals and teams. Employee engagement and participation rates are achieved through feedback, coaching, analysis and setting daily work priorities.

Benefits Of HR Software

Human resource management solutions have various advantages. However, the reduction in time spent on repetitive, low-impact administrative tasks is the main benefit. This way, HR departments can focus their efforts on other long-term strategic responsibilities.

Here Are Some Other Major Benefits Of HR Software:

  • Rationalization of processes,
  • Reduction of errors,
  • Constructive and continuous feedback ,
  • Greater precision and better quality of analyzes and statistics
  • Optimization of the organization of documents and employee data,
  • Ensuring organizations’ compliance with laws and regulations, and
  • Improved succession planning.

Key Features of Human Resource Management Software

Before continuing, we must clarify the following point: there is no perfect HR software that would adapt to any type of organization. The challenges faced by HR departments differ depending on the industry and type of business.

Some companies are looking for robust and stable systems to manage their employees’ salaries and benefits. Others, on the other hand, will need a reliable system to recruit, hire, track and onboard the thousands of new employees who join their organization every month.

However, certain basic functionalities should systematically be part of an HR Fatoora ERP software in Saudi Arabia. These elements can be a criterion of choice when looking for the right tool for your business. Consider your organization’s situation and assess what you need and expect from HR software.

Here Are The Basic Features Of HR Software, Which Will Have A Positive Impact On Your Work Processes:

Management of Salaries and Social Benefits

Most HR software solutions include the management of salaries and social and supplementary benefits. They allow you to make salary payments directly through the platform.

Note that since HR and salaries are often inseparable, most HR managers are looking for an all-in-one solution that includes both.

If you already have a payroll and payment management solution that works for you, we suggest looking for HR software that can integrate with your compensation system. Your employees and HR team will appreciate being able to access all features from a single platform.


One of the most important features offered by HR software is the automation of repetitive tasks in order to increase efficiency.

Look for software that automates or even eliminates manual work as much as possible. For example, some HR tools automate leave tracking, taxes, etc. So you’re sure to save time and money in the long run.

Company Size (Small/Medium/Entrepreneur)

Another factor that can help you find the best HR software for your organization is to consider the size of your business.

Depending on the number of employees and the size of the company, the needs of HR departments will be different. For example, a small business with 15 employees will not have the same human resource management needs as a business with 2,000 employees.

Larger organizations may have more complex HR management needs and require access to more features in the HR software they use. On the other hand, small businesses often don’t need all the features offered by some complex HR solutions.

Mobile Access

This criterion is very simple: the best HR management software has a free mobile application.

This app can be used by employees to use the self-service tools we mentioned earlier. Also, administratively, it can be beneficial.

The mobile version of HR management software makes it possible to make certain responsibilities independent of a physical location. HR managers can view, manage, track and complete tasks in real time from anywhere.


A self-service portal for employees is a must-have tool in today’s workplace.

It allows staff to access crucial information without having to call, email, and text or visit the HR department. This is a considerable time saver for both the employees and the administration.

Finally, make sure the HR software you choose aligns with your goals and addresses the challenges you face. Read More: HRM Management Software in KSA

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