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What is half of ¾ cup?How to measure an exact amount?

In Kitchen, where we cook meals everyday by using a variety of ingredients and recipes.

Do you know we need to use maths in the kitchen too? Maths and science is a school subject that is used in our everyday life and we unknowingly use it. We start our morning by measuring how much toothpaste we need to brush our teeth and how much milk, tea leaves and sugar is required to make Tea to start our breakfast. We count our money and think about how many minutes are left before getting late for work. Isn’t it surprising that a lot of us used to hate maths but still use it? Today we will discuss the use of maths in cooking. Let’s dive in to know about what is half of ¾ cup?


Before knowing about What is half of ¾ cup? We should understand the concept of Measurement first. Measurement is a clear and accurate estimation of Quantities and numbers. In mathematical language, it means using ways to measure things and compare them. We have been using this concept since ancient times and now we have technology to measure things on an advanced level.

There are two methods as given below : 

  1. Traditional method of measurement : In olden times, humans used to estimate the numbers and compare them based on their senses but most of them were not exact measurements. They used Handspan, Footspan, Thread or strings, clothes, comparing two things of different sizes and shapes such as : 
  • Using a thread to measure a wall, then using the same thread to construct another wall.
  • Using handspan to measure a tree, but it was not clear  measurement as size of body parts in humans and animals vary. So it is not the correct method.
  • They used to compare two sticks, a big one and a small one but again it was not reliable.
  1. Modern method of measurement : Humans have developed themselves and their surroundings. We have witnessed many inventions and discoveries in all these years. A little scale we use in maths class is an accurate measurement tool with units and equal space in between. Tailor uses Inch Tape to measure waist size and arms to get an exact measurement to sew clothes.

There a many measurement tool made because of technology such as : 

  • Calipers : This measuring tool not only measures the Length and Height but also the thickness, diameter and depth of an object.
  • Thermometer : Thermometer measures the temperature of living or non living things. Doctor uses a clinical thermometer to check our body temperature to get an idea about fever.

We use it in the kitchen to check the heat and boiling point of our food.

  • Speedometer : We use speedometer in our vehicles to measure the amount of speed with which the vehicle is running.

Estimation and Approximation

In Kitchen, it is important to measure in an accurate way. We have often seen our parents, when they cook meals for us and use spoons and even estimate the amount of ingredients which are required in making a recipe. And even with estimation, they are accurate because they have experience of cooking skills which are developed by cooking everyday. They approximate how many onions and tomatoes are required to fry the spices for making Shahi paneer recipe. They know how to measure spices with a spoon by maths skills. 

For example, A skilled cook at a restaurant has been cooking a specific recipe for years and he can cook that recipe even with his eyes closed. He knows what is half of 1 tablespoon and what is 2/4 cup, he can easily use half of that cup and he knows what is half of ¾ cup? His skills speak.

Measuring Cups

To Calculate what is half of ¾ cup, you need to look below.

The measurement varies country to country as They have a different unit of measurement. U.S. Metric system is most commonly used by people.

1 Cup is equivalent to following measurements : 

  • 237 MLS
  • 250 grams
  • 16 Tablespoons
  • 48 tsp
  • 8 ozs

¾ Cup is equivalent to following measurements :

  • 177 MLS
  • 187 grams
  • 12 tbsp
  • 36 tsp
  • 6 ozs

Half of ¾ Cup is equivalent  to following measurements : 

  • 89 MLS
  • 94 grams
  • 6 tbsp
  • 18 tsp
  • 3 ozs

A Cup is equivalent to 16 Tablespoons.

Then half of a Cup is equivalent to 8 Tablespoons.

 The cups double in size as they increase in measurement, ¼ cup, ½ cup and then 1 cup. Now their measurement can be estimated just by doubling or halving the cups. 

But what is half of ¾ cup?

The Maths concept of Fraction, Decimal and Percentage is here to help you.

  • Let’s assume 1 cup (16 Tablespoon) as 100%, ½ or 2/4 cup (8 Tablespoon) as 50% and ¼ cup (4 Tablespoon) as 25%. 
  • 50% + 25% = ½ cup + ¼ cup = 8 Tablespoon + 4 Tablespoon 

Hence, Half of ¾ cup is 6 Tablespoon (Half of 75%)

Another way is, ¾ cup is equivalent to 0.75 cup. Dividing 0.75 by 2, you get 0.375 and it is close to ⅓ cup.

The hundredths of a cup are units with small differences. That’s why half of ⅓  cup is equivalent to half of  ¾ cup.

Here are the Cup measurements.

1 cup = 16 Tablespoon 

Half of 1 cup = 8 Tablespoon

¾ cup = 12 Tablespoon

Half of ¾ cup = 6 Tablespoon

½ cup = 8 Tablespoon

Half of ½ cup = 4 Tablespoon

⅓ cup = 5 Tablespoon + 1 Tablespoon

Half of ⅓ cup = 2 Tablespoon + 2 Tablespoon

¼ cup = 4 Tablespoon

Half of 1/4 cup = 2 Tablespoon

⅛ cup = 2 Tablespoon

Half of ⅛ cup = 1 Tablespoon

½ Tablespoon = 1-½ Tablespoon

Different ways to measure 

  1. Measure by weight of the ingredients.
  2. If you know about the weight of a liquid ingredient like water, then you can easily guess about the weight of milk.
  3. Learn about measurement of cups.
  4. Understand the concept of measuring Tablespoons and cups.

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