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Biography of Joshua Hudnall

Joshua Michael Hudnall was born to Stephanie Hudnall and William Hudnall on February 14, 1991, in Keystone Heights. His two younger siblings were Ruby Grace and Guinevere. He completed his schooling at Pioneer Ridge Middle School in Missouri.

Joshua Hudnall has appeared in the series “Evil Lives Here” as a subject. He was a military personnel for some years. The TV series is broadcast on the Investigation Discovery channel and portrays the criminal stories and different family pictures of the victims, including police footage. He was to be featured in an episode of Let Her Rot in 2019. But unfortunately, in 2018, he died of liver failure, and the show was taped shortly.

As Joshua was growing up, he was exposed to domestic violence and was fearful, not knowing how to escape from situations. He was expecting love from his father. He stated that his father was deployed overseas and underwent post-traumatic stress. His mother was abusive, violent, and greedy, which caused Joshua a great deal of distress. But she was also a hypocrite who behaved sweetly with other people other than family members. The main cause of the fight at home was her desperate need for money.

He stated publicly that he joined the army because his mother always tried to stab him. So he became the 3rd Cavalry Regiment in the U.S. Army. In the episode of “Evil Lives Here,” he even said that he experienced the easiest time in Iraq during the war. Even when bombs are blown everywhere or someone is trying to kill you, the scenario is much better than at home.

When Joshua Hudnall was deployed to Iraq, he felt secure without his parents. But shortly, he was informed about the assassination of his father, caused by his mother, Stephanie, and sister, Guenevere. They hit him with a pick axe, a tool that can easily kill anyone. Joshua was feeling tormented while he was serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He has taught a lesson to the world about helping children who are exposed to violence at home.

He visited his mom and sister to learn the reason for killing his dad, but he could not understand the reason. He only realized his mom and sister were desperate to secure money from his father or acquire government benefits. The army veterans were friendly with him and wanted to know about his problems. He expressed his feelings openly and struggled for the people who underwent torments at home. He also taught me to forgive someone whenever they commit a mistake.

How did Joshua Hudnall die? What did he say in the episode of “Evil Lives Here”? You can read about his tragic death comprehensively.

In the episode of “Evil Lives Here,” he spoke about the violent behavior of his mom and the way she controlled his life. Joshua passed away shortly after talking about his mother’s tricks in his life.

He was found dead in a truck in August 2018 and was only 27 when he died. He was living in Florida now, and the main cause of his death was liver failure.

When he was talking about his family in the television series “Evil Lives Here,” he stated that his father was a workaholic. His other two siblings, Ruby Grace and Guenevere, were fostered by his mother.

He also said his mother was a manipulative figure who was so different from the others. She was always conscious of the public but behaved strangely at home. His family was financially struggling, and she thought his father should die; she wanted to enjoy the financial benefits.

His mother served poisonous food to his father, and then, when he was asleep, she lit his bed. Stephanie was always finding ways to get rid of her husband.

Joshua Hudnall did not agree to sign a restraining order against his father, and so his mother even became violent towards him.

Mother of Joshua, a killer

After his father was killed, she thought the robbery had gone wrong. But during the investigation, authorities stated that the murder was planned by his sister and mother. His sister confessed, saying they had no choice but to do it.

Stephanie came out of the room and acknowledged the conspiracy. His sibling and his mother were later detected as murderers and were imprisoned for 40 years for committing second-degree murder.

The home where his mom and sister lived was under foreclosure, and they desperately needed money. So, to acquire financial benefits from his father, they killed him.

What is the net worth of Joshua Hudnall?

As Joshua Hudnall was a military personnel in the U.S. Army, he had amassed huge wealth. He also served as a soldier in the Iraq War. A military personal can earn around $60,000 to $1,17,000, and his earnings during his lifetime are assumed to be $100,000.

His mother, Stephanie Hudnall, along with his daughter, visited the home of her deserted husband on June 9th, 2011 in Hawthorne, Florida. When his father was sleeping, his sister and mother both hit his father brutally on the head and chest until he died. Shortly after an investigation, they were both convicted and sentenced to 40 years imprisonment. Joshua said in the episode that his mother urged his sister to commit a crime. He also said his mother was a deceiver and played several such tricks in his childhood. Even when he visited his mother and sister in jail, he was not convinced of the reason for the murder. He also understood they were both too greedy. Shortly after, he was found dead in a truck, and the cause of his death was liver failure. He died when he was working in Hawthrone, Alachua County. He was promptly cremated then.

Joshua Hudnall is a source of inspiration for society. He taught the world the meaning of forgiveness. He said that he could not control his life if he didn’t forgive. His main source of unhappiness in life was his mother alone. His mother was always abusive and even tried to attack him with a knife.

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