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What is guest posting?

In this era of e-commerce growth, creating engaging content is key. Guest posting on a blog is an arrangement that allows you as an expert in your field to create content for another site. It’s also known as guest blogging. This is one way many businesses use to both inform their customers and guide them to products and services. But constantly creating new content can be a massive task. One tactic is to invite guest bloggers to create that content.

Moreover, Guest blogging is when you invite someone from outside of your company to write a blog that will be published on your website. The writer will usually work in the same industry as the organization or be an expert on the subjects done with that organization. It can be a great way of working with others in the same industry, whether in the area of sales collaboration in tandem with strategies such as affiliate marketing.  

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What are the benefits of guest posting?

When you create a guest post, the blog and its readers benefit from your expertise. You benefit as well. Guest blogging offers benefits for both parties. For the writer, especially if they are new to the field or if their company is small or a startup, it is a chance to get their thoughts – and their products.

Furthermore, in a mutually beneficial business transaction, contributing guest posts is a form of networking. Whether or not you’re lucky enough to get paid for the post, you’re creating a relationship with the owner of the blog. You’re creating value for their readers, and they’re providing a platform for you to build an audience.

Here is the list of some useful benefits people get from guest blogging:

Build a profile as an industry expert thought leader.

Improve SEO performance.

Build relationships and drive new partnerships e.g. co-marketing partnerships.

Improve a company’s brand awareness.

Grow your personal brand.

Get more leads, users, and even customers.

Build authoritative backlinks.

Grow an audience.

Drive referral traffic.

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How is guest posting relevant to SEO?

You can have the highest-quality content in the world on your site, but you also need to have backlinks for Google to identify you as a trustworthy site. Specifically, you need links coming in from multiple domains. Most guest post opportunities offer guest writers an author bio where they can link to their site. However, choose blogs that will also let you put a link in the body of the article. Readers are more likely to see it there and click on it.

Moreover, also remember that Google cares about the quality of the link source even more than the link itself. Guest posting is only worth your while if you can get yourself on a well-respected site.

What is a guest blog posting etiquette?

As a guest blogger, your job is to inform readers. Minimize mentions of your blog or brand and focus your content on the topic at hand. Include links not just to your content, but to informative and authoritative external sources. If at all possible, include links to other posts from the host blog.

You’re hoping for the blog host to promote your post, so return the favor any way you can. Promote the blog on your social media pages and link to the guest post on your blog if you have one.


There are a variety of content and PR agencies that offer guest posting to help improve your site’s performance. Moreover, Guest posting is a great way for you to generate ongoing traffic to your blog. It can also be a lot of fun for you as the blogger, breaking you out of your writing routine and allowing you to connect with a new audience.

Additionally, Guest blogs can really help your marketing department as they have something new and educational that they can use in any campaigns or social media posts. It’s also great for the writers since it provides access to a new audience and a chance to get your business noticed. By understanding the role of guest blogs, and following the best practices, you’ll be able to reap the many benefits and position yourself as an expert in your field.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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