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What is a Hybrid Solar System, and How Much Does it Cost?


People who are interested in solar power like the idea of being completely removed from the grid. But remaining connected to the grid and opting for a battery backup system can help provide more benefits.

Being connected to the grid, you can take advantage of backup power even when the solar battery runs out of power. With the help of net metering, you can also sell more electricity back to the utility company. In this article, you will learn what a hybrid solar system is and what solar batteries are the best for use.

What is a hybrid solar system?

After you install solar panels, the energy generated needs to be converted to power for your house. There are different ways to do this: you can either remain connected to the grid, have a hybrid system, or go completely off-grid. A hybrid system is when the solar panel remains connected to the grid’s power lines and has a battery backup system to store more power.

The sun’s energy that is absorbed by the solar panels will go through the inverter to produce usable electricity. The electricity generated will go to your home, your grid, or your battery. A benefit of the hybrid solar system is that there will be no lack of power in any situation.

With a backup battery, the excess energy created by the solar panel for your house can be stored in the battery. When you find that the sun is not shining, the battery can give you power during the night or system blackouts.

What is the Cost of a Hybrid Solar System?

In the United States, most houses are powered by a 6kW solar system, and the average cost of the system starts from $12,600 after federal tax credit is applied. The cost of solar panel systems can vary depending on the contractor’s costs., home state, and the power that your house uses.

For a hybrid solar system, the backup battery is responsible for the price. Batteries usually cost around $8000 or more and must be replaced every ten years. Having a backup battery ensures that your house will always remain powered, and it is up to you if it is worth the cost.

What Batteries Are the Best for Hybrid Solar Systems?

While solar lead acid batteries carry a larger price tag, the price has dropped in the last few years. Sunpower and Panasonic solar batteries are the most valuable and have higher recommendations and customer ratings. You can contact your solar panel service company to know what battery is best for your system.

Final Words

If you want to opt for a hybrid solar system for your house, you need to contact a reputed solar system service. The experts can inform you if the solar system benefits your house and what batteries are best for the hybrid system.

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