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What Is a Couple Massage? Everything You Need To Know About This Treatment

Couple massage are definitely therapeutic because it is hard to find time for ourselves during hectic routine of our lives. The pressure of our responsibilities, work-life conflicts takes a toll on us. A couple massage is usually done in a tranquil room with two people sharing the experience by two massage therapists. The main purpose is to recreate and rekindle the love between two people while relaxing with each other’s sides. This is an example of ultimate bonding experience. It basically provides stress and pain relief, and helps in maintaining body posture. 

Believe the Hype of Couple Massages 

Getting a massage is absolutely a wonderful experience. The soothing and relaxing ambience and a soft kneading that slowly works on your sore muscles or kinks. Another best thing is to have a massage therapist while you take the massage with your lover. It’s a perfect bonding experience in which both of them feels delighted, healthy, glowing, and above all provides a feeling of calmness and peace. 

6 Amazing Benefits of a Couple Massage 

Couple massages vancouver, wa has its own hype. Why? Because it roves to provide a meaningful and a reconnection that makes it special. 

  1. A New Experience: people don’t always like trying new things but then again, trying something new with your loved new is a whole new experience. 
  2. Reduces Stress and Anxiety: During a massage, oxytocin is released which gives a sense of calmness and relaxation, and reduces dress and anxiety. Your body starts releasing endorphins, and dopamine to bring you a state of inner peace. 
  3. Encourages Intimacy: Getting a couple’s massage implies having the entire room to yourselves. Being partially exposed while receiving a massage puts both of you in a vulnerable position, which is an incredible way to forge a connection and promote intimacy.
  4. Quality Time: It gives both people an opportunity to spend time together without having to worry about striking up a conversation or solving issues. It is, quite literally, time that both of you get to spend unwinding together.
  5. Increased Blood Flow: Receiving a massage promotes circulation, lessens aches and cramps, and leaves you feeling rejuvenated by increasing blood flow to different joints. Additionally, stimulating the body’s lubricants might make you more flexible all around! In addition to these benefits, massages can help with posture and even pain relief! Therefore, a massage will undoubtedly leave both you and your spouse feeling content, healthy, and completely at ease.
  6. Release of Feel Good Chemicals: The electrical activity in your brain and the chemical processes in your body can both be positively impacted by massages. Endorphins, oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin are all released during a massage. 

What to Expect From A Couple Massage?

You can expect a couple of things from couple massages like when you enter your favorite spa, it provides a sense of relaxation even before you enter the massage room. Jacuzzis, vapor rooms, hot and cold showers, saunas, drinks and often snacks can be provided to make the entire experience worth it. 

3 Types of Couple Massages

It doesn’t matter whether its foot massage, hot stone or deep tissue massage, there is a best solution for everyone. Our exclusive treatments are especially for client’s physical, mental or spiritual level with different massages.  

Foot Massage 

More stress and tension tend to affect us as a result of our indulgence in their hectic activities. Our bodies experience exhaustion and disease as a result of the stress of our jobs, families, personal obligations, and the desire to enjoy life. Due to its many advantages, foot massage is a great approach to unwind your mind and relieve physical discomfort. It is crucial to a comprehensive approach to foot care. It is a tried-and-true strategy for curing a number of illnesses, boosting your health, and raising your quality of life. With our affiliated foot massage services, you can rest your aching feet. Our skilled reflexologists are knowledgeable in numerous methods to assist you and your partner so you can avoid being in pain. 

Deep Tissue Massage

Try taking a massage from a qualified massage therapists. They are more knowledgeable about a person’s body, how it actually works, and the pressure points that requires their attention. In this massage, therapists will be treating your body with knots, tension, and by reducing stress in your body. 

Hot Stone Massage

It is a natural massage therapy of a couple massage vancouver, wa where a clients’ body is healed with heated stones to maximize the relaxing effect.  Using river rocks that first go through a process of sanitization for usage. Then after a massage, staying alone with your partner will make you more relaxed and reenergized so you can start your pace of life again. 

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