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What Happens When Your Uber Cab Gets Into An Accident?

Car accidents are already very traumatizing. When you become part of an accident in your Uber or Lyft ride, then the cab company is liable to pay for your loss, depending on the situation and facts of the event. Uber has a very generous policy to pay the victims of car accidents, depending on the situation. You can get liability coverage anywhere between $50,000 per person and $ 100,000 per accident. A personal injury lawyer can help you get the right claim for your situation.

If you want to benefit from the liability coverage from your accident in Uber, here is what you need to do.

  1. Document The Accident

When you become part of an accident as a passenger in Uber or as a road user and an Uber or Lyft driver hits you, you should document the facts of the accident. You should have the name and number of the driver and the car as well. You should also know the car number of the other parties involved if there is any. 

You should also write down your part of the story in case you forget the facts later on. You can report the accident to the police as well. Police reports will not help you in court but they can be quite helpful for your insurance claim. 

  1. Keep Your Medical Record Safe

After you become part of an accident, you should seek medical assistance immediately. You will be attended by the medical unit from the emergency response unit at the site of the accident, however, it would be wise to get a complete checkup from your local clinic or hospital. 

Accident injuries can be lethal. You should get a complete body checkup. Make sure that you keep your medical records safe. These records will help you with your insurance claim. 

  1. Hire An Injury Lawyer

It would be a very wise decision to hire a Lyft Accident Attorney. Your normal attorney might not be of much use if you want to receive your insurance claim from the company. Lawyers that specifically practice insurance claim cases from such cab companies know the loopholes as well as the legal ways to make sure their client gets the rightful claim. 

An injury lawyer will help you file the insurance claim and fight for your cause. Having an expert representative by your side is always a good idea. 

  1. Never Settle For Anything Less

No matter how generous the insurance policies of the cab companies are, they will try to avoid the claim on different grounds. They might offer you premature settlements. You should never settle for anything less. 

Early settlements may seem generous when you do not know exactly what you deserve for your loss. Therefore, let your lawyer handle the situation. Ask your lawyer for advice and know what you can get if you hold on a bit longer. 


Getting into a car accident can be a difficult situation. When your Uber ride gets into an accident, the company should pay for your injury and property damage. 

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