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What exactly is meant by the term “Medical Astrology”?

This is interesting to remember that astrology was once considered a legitimate scientific discipline; in fact, it was even put to use in the practice of medicine. Even if the vast majority of people want to think that we have progressed, one cannot help but wonder if we haven’t, in reality, regressed, given that we no longer wish to live in harmony with the universe.

The truth is that the majority of people in the human race think that they have progressed past the point where they need to believe in things like the cosmos. Let’s be honest: the vast majority of people do not believe for one second that the motions of the sun, moon, and stars can have any kind of impact on their daily life.

According to historical documents that have been discovered, the practice of Medical Astrology may be traced all the way back to the time of the Romans. At that time, it was common practice for doctors to examine astrological charts as part of the diagnosis process. The history of medical astrology

Have human beings really progressed to the point where they can state without a shadow of a doubt that they comprehend everything there is to know about how the universe works? One must keep in mind that western culture, in today’s day and age, is much more interested in conquest than in understanding, but of course, this wasn’t always the case.

There is a subfield of astrology called Medical Astrology, and what sets it apart from other subfields is that it focuses on the physiological aspects of a person.

An astrologer is able to predict what kinds of health issues a person is going to have, as well as at what periods of their life such issues are going to manifest themselves, simply by glancing at that person’s astrological chart. The nature of the condition can also be determined by looking at the 6th house in conjunction with the 6th house or the 11th house.

In spite of anyone’s level of scepticism, the planets do have an effect on our bodies and how they function. For instance, when Mars, which is a fiery planet, enters the sign of Leo, it can obtain an excessive amount of power, which in turn can produce a variety of diseases and conditions such as tumors, boils, brain haemorrhages, high blood pressure, and so on. Venus, on the other hand, is linked to kidney issues, and Mercury is associated with paralysis, anxiousness, and other related conditions.

It is also widely held that each zodiac sign is responsible for governing a different component of the human body. For instance, the sign of Pisces is associated with the legs, Cancer with the stomach, and Taurus with the neck.

Those who engage in the field of Medical Astrology would recommend treatments to patients on the basis of the adverse effects that are brought about by the various planets. In most cases, various types of gemstones are utilized in the preparation of treatments.

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Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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