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What every Seattle Mariners fan needs to know about choosing the perfect jersey

The guide to choosing your next Mariners jersey.

The biggest investment a sports fan can make is buying a Seattle Mariners Jersey. It is hard to invest in a jersey for James Paxton in 2018 and then see him traded away. A Robinson Cano jersey right before he is suspended for taking performance-enhancing drugs is a terrible feeling.  Additionally, the Mariners have churned through their roster over the last few years, leaving minor leaguer (and Seattle native) Jordan Cowan as the second longest tenured player on the team.

Now is a new era. Young stars are rising, and many are going to stay in the Emerald City for a while. If you’re looking for a Mariners jersey, these are your best choices. It will be determined whether a player’s jersey is worth it based on his or her success, potential, character, and likelihood of staying.

Ken Griffey Jr. – 24, Edgar Martinez – 11, Jay Buhner – 19, or Ichiro – 51.

Among the jerseys you can never go wrong with as a Mariners fan are Ken Griffey Jr., Edgar Martinez, Jay Buhner, and Ichiro, all of whom are revered in and around the Pacific Northwest. The four players all played for the organization in Seattle and/or ended their careers there, unlike Randy Johnson, Alex Rodriguez, or Adrian Beltre. Having a current player’s jersey can be a lot of fun; however, classics will never go out of style. Felix Hernandez’s number 34 may belong on this list; he was the team’s most popular player.

Julio Rodriguez

In Seattle, Julio Rodriguez has a bright future a year behind Kelenic. Those two, along with Kyle Lewis, will be an outfield any team would love. His jersey is a great option as well. He wore number 23 in spring training, but Ty France now wears it. The M’s fans will have to wait until 2021 spring training to find out what number he will wear.

Jarred Kelenic

A bright future for the Mariners lies in Jarred Kelenic. Kelenic should be called up by Memorial Day at the latest. With power, speed, and a great eye in the box, Kelenic has it all. As a volunteer for charity, he has developed some much-deserved clout and popularity after posting a video of him hitting a frisbee with a baseball. A Kelenic jersey is a worthwhile investment since he will be under Seattle’s contract until at least 2027.

In less than six months, we’ll know whether it’s worth getting his jersey just to have his number changed to 10, which is already taken by current Mariner Tim Lopes.

Dylan Moore – 25

While he doesn’t hold the same potential as players like Kyle Lewis or J.P. Crawford, Moore has established himself as a major-leaguer in 2020. In addition to his two years of strong experience, Moore has four more years of team control. His ability to play multiple defensive positions will keep him around the team for some time. In his number 25 jersey, he will play well for at least a couple of years.

Logan Gilbert – 30

Next year, Logan Gilbert will join Kelenic in Seattle, looking to make himself a star. He’s got plenty of talent and great character, and he’ll be under team control until at least 2027. In spite of my tendency to trust a position player’s longevity more than a pitcher’s, Gilbert’s number 30 is available on the big league roster, making his jersey a safer choice.

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