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What do You need To Know About Vitamin Manufacturing Company?

Companies producing vitamins often have some of the most stringent standards in the food industry. They use up-to-date technology and follow a well-researched process, documented, monitored and controlled by strict rules – this ensures that the products are of good quality. Nutra Star offers the highest quality of vitamins and supplements at the best prices as a premium Vitamin Manufacturing Company.

The manufacturing process for vitamins and supplements is time-consuming but well worth it. The production of a vitamin – or supplement – has the same process as manufacturing food products in general. It takes time to develop recipes and test them before they are marketed. The production techniques are very complex since water, heat, light, or oxygen can influence the potency of a vitamin or its storage stability.

Why Should You Trust Vitamin Manufacturing Company?

1. We follow the strictest regulations in the industry. We offer the highest quality vitamins and supplements at the best prices.

2. We are one of the few vitamin manufacturing Companies that are ISO Certified and follow all safety standards required by ISO 13485. We manufacture Formulations specifically designed for usage by pregnant women, infants, children and adults.

3. We have a very strict quality control system. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is equipped with the most up-to-date technologies.

4. We are also a Certified Organic Remediation Company and do Industrial Waste treatment, Water Treatment and Disposal, and Hazardous Substance Cleanup and Abatement.

5. We ensure that each of our products will attain the highest quality from the day they enter our doors until the day they reach you.

6. We have a very strict testing process. For example, to produce 5000 units per day, we need at least 200 oxygen and light sources to ensure the product is safe.

7. We have a very well-trained management team familiar with the production and technology of vitamins and supplements. We also have a team of pharmacists who will guide you through your medication needs.

Role of Nutritional Supplements Contract Manufacturing

1. Correlating the demand for nutritional supplements with the available supply.

2. Assisting in the study of appropriate ranges for specifications and processes.

3. Establishing quality control and other quality assurance procedures that use analytical methods to monitor ingredients, processing, and finished products.

4. Designing, developing and executing manufacturing processes that comply with specifications, customer requirements, and available equipment, supplies or materials.

5. Providing advice and direction to other departments on process development, production methods and equipment selection.

6. Ensuring product quality (according to specifications or customers’ specifications) and meeting customer delivery dates and requirements.

7. Ensuring effective inventory control procedures are in place to achieve the required levels of stock rotation necessary to maintain a healthy supply of finished products.

8. Supplying ingredients, raw materials, packaging materials, photographic images or other product information resources as needed for packaging.

9. Ensure all finished products are labeled, packed and stored to avoid contamination or spoilage.

10. Maintaining records of manufacturing activities and finished product specifications to support regulatory requirements, internal quality control measures and customer/ end-user specifications.

Nutritional Supplements Contract Manufacturing Company Offers

1. We manufacture various vitamins, supplements and beauty products.

2. We offer several services for our customers.

3. We offer the most competitive price in the market.

4. We provide same-day delivery service for our supplements and beauty products. In the case of our vitamins, we provide 7 days advance order only within 100 km distance from your location or 25 km distance if you are okay with waiting for a few days to get your product.

5. We offer a one-year guarantee on all our products.

6. We also provide a Free Consultancy Service to help you plan your meals and tell you what supplements to take and how much to take depending on your body type, age and lifestyle. That will help you avoid getting sick often by avoiding toxins in your body.


Nutra Star is the top Vitamin Manufacturing Company with quality products and competitive rates. We offer the highest quality vitamins and supplements at the best prices. That is why we have gained several loyal customers in just a short time. They are finding our products more effective than those available in local markets. You can contact us at (732) 806-9500.

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