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What day to cut off unlucky nails to match?

Is nail clipping real bad luck?

Currently, there is no scientific study to confirm the accuracy of unlucky nail clipping is real or not. Everyone will have a different opinion on this matter.

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According to folk beliefs, nails, toenails, hair, … reflect the destiny of each person. These are considered elements representing the human soul and body. Therefore, cutting these parts on any day can affect feng shui and luck. If cutting on a bad day can cause a decline in fortune. On the contrary, cutting on a good day can bring many good things.

Anthropology, feng shui five elements are closely associated with the minds of many Vietnamese people. Accordingly, nails are one of the parts of the body that belong to the yang qi of the body. If you cut your nails on a bad day, it can cause a decrease in yin and yang. From there, leading to the imbalance of the five elements and weak feng shui. 

Therefore, many Vietnamese believe that cutting their nails off bad luck can drive away bad luck and bring good luck. This is usually done based on the lunar calendar to choose a suitable date, avoiding taboo days.

However, as mentioned, the concept of unlucky nail clipping has no scientific basis. Many people only cut their nails when necessary and do not pay attention to bad or good days but still live happily, happily and peacefully. 

Luck is a common occurrence in life. You can’t just rely on nail clipping to infer destiny. The choice to believe or not to believe in unlucky nail clipping depends on each person’s spiritual conception. 

What day should you cut your nails?

Since ancient times, Vietnamese people often rely on the lunar calendar to choose a good day and avoid a bad day. According to this concept, whether everything will go smoothly, have a lot of luck or not have to see the date according to feng shui. 

According to the law of the five elements, a good balance of yin elements will bring you a lot of luck and positivity. Therefore, cutting nails should pay attention to choose auspicious days to drive away bad luck and welcome many good things. The question is when should you cut your nails unlucky?

Should be cut during the day

According to the ancient Japanese and Turkish belief that nails should not be cut at night. Because it can bring bad omens, death and premature death to the client. The reason is that at night, the lighting conditions are poor, the tools are rudimentary, so it is easy to cut into the skin of the hands, causing infection. If not treated in time, it can lead to death. 

Besides, according to spirituality, bleeding at night is very taboo. As this can attract evil spirits and bad luck. Therefore, you should not cut your nails at night. Cutting unlucky nails on a good yang day is a reasonable choice to eliminate bad luck.

3rd, 4th, 5th and 14th, 23rd day of lunar calendar

These are considered lucky and positive days of the year, the time when joy and fortune come most quickly. Therefore, you can cut your nails unlucky on these days to make your fortune more prosperous and receive many good things. 

The 8th, 11th and 19th days of the lunar calendar

According to the lunar calendar, the 8th, 11th and 19th days of every month are days that bring lasting peace, prosperity and luck. Cutting nails on these days can bring good health, a relaxed and positive spirit, and dispel stress and pressure. 

The 9th and 20th day of the lunar calendar

The 9th and 20th of the lunar calendar are beautiful and happy days, everything is favorable and smooth. People often choose these days to depart, get married, build a house, etc. You can consider cutting your nails at this time to help increase the luck of the sand, add more joy and luck.

What day should you not cut your nails?

Nail clipping is a normal need of every person. However, many people still do not know that cutting their nails on bad days can bring bad luck and bad luck. So on what days should you avoid cutting your nails?

First day of the year

New Year’s Day is a day when people abstain from cutting their hair or nails. Because of the old concept that this is the beginning of a new year to welcome many fortunes, good things, good omens. Cutting off any part of the body or discarding anything will be considered as cutting off luck for the whole year. The client will have a lot of bad luck, bad luck, and difficult work.

The 6th and 7th day of the lunar month

On the 6th and 7th of the lunar month, unlucky, poor vitality, doing anything will also face many difficulties. Therefore, do not cut your nails unlucky on either of these two days as it can reduce your energy. 

Friday the 13th

Westerners believe that Friday the 13th is a great cavalry day, so they should not choose to hold important events. According to reports from the Netherlands, scientists have studied the number of accidents and incidents that occurred on Friday the 13th. Statistical results show that the rate of accidents and incidents increased by 30% compared to the previous day. with the remaining Fridays.

So even if you don’t know if Friday the 13th is a bad day, you shouldn’t cut your nails on this day. There is an old saying that “there is worship, there is goodness, there is abstinence”. Therefore, if it is avoided, it should be avoided to avoid encountering bad things. 

Funeral Day

If there is a funeral at home, you should also avoid cutting off any body parts. Because at this time, negative energy and bad energy thrive around your house, bringing bad things to homeowners and people in the house. 

Therefore, when cutting nails, removing a part of yang in the body will cause yin and yang to seriously decline. From there, it is easy to bring bad luck and poor vitality.

Full moon

The full moon day, the 15th day of the lunar month, is also on the list of days to avoid cutting nails or cutting off any parts of the body. This is the highest and brightest lunar day of the month. According to spirituality, on this day there is a lot of yin energy, unlucky yin energies gather everywhere, especially in the evening. 

Therefore, cutting off an attached part of the body, such as a fingernail, can cause mental fatigue, gloomy yang, and negative energy. Whether it’s day or night, cutting nails on the full moon day of the lunar calendar is also a taboo. 

Lunar month 

The seventh lunar month is the heaviest month of the year. According to the concept of countries according to the lunar calendar, this is the month with many ghosts and ghosts. Therefore, you should not cut your nails this month to avoid a decrease in yang energy, bad luck, and bad luck.

Nail clipping unlucky is a folk concept that has been around for a long time. Although there is still no scientific research to come to a conclusion about the realness of this issue. However, you can still choose to trust and refer to some of the notes outlined in the article to have some peace of mind when cutting unlucky nails. 

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