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What Are Thermal Labels and How Do They Work

What most eCommerce businesses could never do without are definitely printers. Many would think that having a great eCommerce webpage is all that matters. However, the reality is that businesses that ship their products actually have to optimize their product packaging as well. A big part of good product packaging comes down to how you print labels, instructions and all the other necessary documentation. One of the best ways to achieve this is by using a thermal label printer, which offers premium quality prints that are durable and cost-effective. Unlike, ink printers, thermal printers use heat to produce high-quality prints, eliminating the need for expensive cartridges and ribbons. This is especially important if you have to send out packages overseas. Here is everything there is to know about thermal labels. 

Using extreme temperatures

With thermal printing the whole mechanism revolves around the use of heat. However, there is an important dichotomy which is part and parcel of this mechanism. Firstly, application temperature is the temperature of the surrounding when the label is applied, which is typically 21°C. Secondly, service temperature is a range in which the label will actually be used. It is important to have a high range because a typical label tube will go anywhere from -80°C, to 100°C. Luckily, there are various adhesives available on the market suitable for every range. Just make sure to apply adhesives designed for extreme ends of the range at a balanced room temperature in order to see the best results. 


Due to frequent wear and tear during transportation, labels can become damaged and the quality of barcodes can degrade. However, new improved thermal labels have a higher resin content which will make the final packaging much more durable and all the essential information clearly visible. These labels can also be used in thermal transfer labelling which allows the packaging to be exposed to some extreme chemicals, without hindering the quality of the label itself. When it comes to other external factors as is the case with outdoor or indoor elements, there is no reason to worry, since high-quality labels can last up to 10 years. You can use different materials depending on your needs. For instance, if you need a quick and cheap print that doesn’t need to last long you can use paper thermal labels. 

Printing on paper

If you need to print labels for quick indoor use, paper is your best friend. Thermal labels can also be easily printed on paper and the best thing of all is that it offers amazing versatility and cost-efficiency. For instance, if you need to label something for business or industrial purposes you can use an uncoated paper label. Whereas, coated paper is perfect for quick printing when you have a lot of volume. 

Labeling assets

Most businesses fail to achieve higher productivity simply because they are mishandling their assets. Asset tracking can become much more intuitive if correct labeling is applied. Thermal labels offer a lot of flexibility when organizing assets, because the material is never a limiting factor. There are various options to choose from. A good asset labeling practice is to come up with distinct IDs for every element. For efficient tracking, you should also print out the dates and locations on the items. 

Shipping labeling

By far the most significant use case for thermal labels is when shipping products abroad. Not only do they make your product stand out on the global market, but also allow you to adhere to strict international product packaging standards and regulations. This is because foreign trade must be legitimate and transparent. This doesn’t only benefit everyone in your supply chain but also the end customer. A good quality label will allow your products to end up where they are supposed to.

Thermal labels are used in almost every industry in the world. This is because products are regularly shipped to and from various companies on a daily basis. This is why thermal label printing truly stands out on the market, as it offers reliable benefits such as: resistance to extreme temperatures, overall durability, paper printing, labeling assets and shipping products. 

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