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What Are the Effects of Tree Lopping?

It’s possible that you’ve heard of tree lopping or perhaps used the term yourself without really understanding what it means. Tree looping is nothing new; in fact, it has been around for quite some time. Cutting down trees is not without its detractors, which is why we will be taking a look at tree looping and some of the effects. For professional Tree services in North Beaches, contact us, and we will be happy to help you.

What Is Tree Lopping?

The term “tree lopping” refers to the practice of cutting off the top of a tree without cutting down to the growth points, which leaves the tree with enormous stubs and little branches that will sprout, but there will always be a big weakness at the point of lopping. 

Why is Tree Lopping Controversial?

Tree lopping weakens trees in a way that cannot be fixed; thus, it’s best to avoid doing it. Some people falsely believe that cutting down a tree will encourage new growth. Although some tree species are more resilient to the impacts of tree lopping, regular tree lopping is still necessary to prevent harmful limbs from falling from the tree.

There are times when tree lopping is necessary, such as when you wish to turn a line of trees into a barrier to block the wind or separate your property from that of your neighbors. Even though most people don’t know much about trees, there have been cases of “professionals” cutting them down when there were other ways to get the job done that wouldn’t have damaged the trees or made them hazardous.

Effects of Tree Looping

When trees became too large for their allotted space, tree lopping was a popular practice. Cutting down a tree that had grown too close to overhead power cables was sometimes the easiest option. In the past, homeowners who wanted to decrease the safety issues associated with having a large tree on their property would just top the tree. However, cutting down trees has more negative effects in the long run. Major concerns with tree topping are:

  1. Stress on Trees: Taking away a tree’s leaves might momentarily deprive it of water and nutrients. A starved creature, like any other living thing, can be in real danger and exhibit a variety of bad responses.
  2. Future problems for Trees: By removing a limb, a tree can stimulate the growth of new branches. These new shoots are fragile because they emerge from buds close to the edges of the lopped limbs; this is problematic, especially in regions where heavy winds and rain often cause trees to snap.
  3. Sunburns: Sunlight is diffused and absorbed by the tree leaves. Damage from the sun can occur to trees just as it might to people if we are suddenly exposed to the sun. Sunburn on a tree can cause little damage, like cracks in the bark, or severe damage, such as the destruction of branches.

Bottom Line

Tree looping is a task that can effectively help position trees the way you want them to. However, it can cause severe damage to your tree if not done by professionals. For professional Tree services in North Beaches, contact us, and we will be happy to help you.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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