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What are the common dieting mistakes we are making?

When losing weight, majority of us are concerned about the pounds we lose. Some do focus on exercise while the others are paying attention towards both exercise and diet. Are you the one eating a lot but still failing to lose weight? Here are some common dieting mistakes we have been making and not realizing!

Common dieting mistakes

You’re not drinking enough water

Ask yourself, are you drinking between 2.5 to 3 liters of water every single day? Drinking enough water is easy to forget, but it is crucial for weight loss success if your body is dehydrated during exercise and your progress suffers.

We often think we are hungry, but we are just really thirsty. So the next time you’re hungry, instead of taking a snack and starting to eat, drink some water first and ask yourself if you’re really hungry or just dehydrated. Drinking water before eating can also make you feel full. As a result, you eat very little.

Insidious liquid calories

Are you one of those people who enjoys fruit juices, soft drinks, expensive coffee, or even alcohol? Liquid calories in almost any form are fine calories. These drinks are full of calories and some may have more calories than a proper diet. Simply by eliminating liquid calories you can save a maximum of 500 calories a day and you will see a huge difference in your weight loss process.

You need to stop making such common dieting mistakes!

You probably won’t lift dumbbells

Are you a cardio bunny? If so, you are probably looking at oily skin without muscle tone. It’s time to lift some weights. Weightlifting helps build and maintain muscle mass and prevents a slowdown in metabolism. If you only do cardio, you will only burn fat during exercise and stop it right after exercise. Now, if you include strength training, your body will continue to burn fat, even after exercising at rest. And it is also known as the afterburn effect, which can accelerate weight loss.

Stressed out

Are you overweight? Are you still running? Do you have trouble breathing properly or have trouble dealing with it? Whatever the cause, stress can be a factor in your efforts to lose weight, especially abdominals. This is due to a hormone called cortisol, which maintains your body fat.

So if you are someone who is very disciplined in your exercise and diet, but are struggling with belly fat loss, then you are wondering what your stress level is? If it means spending ten minutes a night slowing down, I recommend you do it because it can make a huge difference in your weight loss process. All I want to do is light the candles in the middle and think about the positive things in my day. It helped me sleep better and wake up faster.

Lack of sleep

If you can’t rest, your hormones will go crazy. Increasing ghrelin levels increases your appetite. You put your body in a mode of carbohydrate and fat survival. Your metabolism slows down as you try to conserve your resources. But at the same time, your body wants more food. That’s when the deep night starts to fade just to wake you up.

You focus too much on dieting

If you can do one thing now, delete the word diet. When we think about diet, it is always associated with bans, short-term, and unsustainable regimes. Most people with dietary thinking are likely to gain weight over time. So stop dieting and change it to a healthy diet. Focus on nourishing your body with the right nutrition instead of denying it, and weight loss is a natural side effect. Basically, our goal is to be healthier, healthier and live a happier life. Instead of just being obsessed with weight or being obsessed with our goals, it is very important to have fun all the way.

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