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What Are The Common Artificial Grass Installation Mistakes To Avoid?

Are you thinking of a DIY installation of your artificial grass? Well, nonetheless if you’re an expert turf installer or some person with previous fake grass installation experience, there are high chances that you’ll make mistakes that can lead to disastrous outcomes in the near future such as wastage of your valuable investment.

Irrespective of the place where you install your synthetic grass, these are the common mistakes that everyone makes. Well, it seems right enough that we let you be aware of these mistakes prior to performing a self-installation of your artificial grass Dubai. You can learn from these mistakes to prevent yourself from any type of damage.

The Common Artificial Grass Installation Mistakes

Installing fake grass floors on your lawn by yourself is not a simple task unless you’ve had some experience in this field. You’ll need to have a sound knowledge of the rules and regulations of the installation procedure before initiating the procedure. Also, having information about common mistakes made by everyone during their first installation experience can save you from economical losses and any other type of damage, as well. These installation mistakes are listed below.

1. Performing Poor Excavation

Your residential lawn should first be robbed completely of all its natural grass. And, you need to perform an excavation procedure to dig out up to a specific soil layer (present 4-5 inches deep in the soil) so that even the traces of old grass, roots, and weeds are not left in the soil.

However, most people fail to do so and install the turf with little to no excavation at all which provides an unfinished and hideous finish to the product. And, to excavate all the dig efficiently and evenly, you should use turf cutting machines and no hands at all.

2. No Drainage Options Left

If you won’t leave any drainage options on the turf surface, it will ultimately become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria after the accumulation of water. It can not only create health problems for you but also cause accidents due to slipping. 

Hence, you need to make sure that you have a good drainage system with all the pipes connected before installing the base material so as to help the water seep through the holes in the turf and ultimately into the main drainage line.

3. Installing The Fake Grass On An Uneven Surface

The basic purpose of installing artificial grass on your lawn or deck is to make it look like a delight to the eyes. Well, a basic hurdle not letting you achieve that synthetic grass appearance is its installation done on an uneven surface. You should clear all the bumps and even the slightest imperfections to create a seamless look of your turf.

4. Not Installing The Preliminary Grass Layers

There are a few initial layers to be installed before actually installing the artificial grass layers. And, these preliminary layers are to be installed below the actual grass so as to ensure firm footing and make your grass withstand the wear and tear of everyday usage. However, most people forget to install these layers which reduces the lifespan of their synthetic grass floor.

5. Putting Wrong Laying Course Material

It is also a common mistake made by many people while installing artificial grass. They use the wrong materials like sharp sand which leads to instability of the laying course. Hence, if done so you will lose the firmness and compactness of the grass. Therefore, you should always use granite, limestone, or some other such materials for laying the course.

6. Using No Weed Killers

Although it’s difficult for the weeds to grow from under the surface of the grass yet some manage to find their way to the surface from the drainage holes. And, in order to prevent this from happening, you should take precautions such as using weed killers or placing weed membranes over the holes to restrict the growth of weeds.

7. Improper Covering Of The Joints

Well, artificial grass can’t be installed in a single piece and requires to be cut into several pieces for a precise installation, especially around the corners and in between objects. Thus, leading to the appearance of joints or layers that should be properly secured for a perfectly seamless look. You should use quality materials to join these layers together such as tapes and supergrass adhesives so that these layers are fixed and don’t come off easily.

8. Taking No Notice Of The Edges

People don’t pay any attention to the edges during the installation process which can result in loose and frayed edges afterward. These loose edges won’t only make the grass look less attractive but also people can trip and fall over because of them.

9. Not Checking The Pile Direction

The blades of your artificial grass always point in some direction which imparts a uniform and attractive look to it. However, most people don’t notice this small detail and install the grass floor only to attain a variable and non-uniform appearance. You should take care of this small detail to make your synthetic grass floor look seamless.

10. Discard Remaining Turf

Necessarily, it’s not a type of installation mistake but an extra tip for you. You should never dispose of the excess/remaining turf material as in case of any damage to your artificial grass, as it will come in handy in the future. Also, in that case, finding the perfect match for your existing turf material can be a daunting task.


These are the most repeated and common mistakes by people performing a DIY installation of artificial grass. And, many of these mistakes can lead to extra expenses, technical problems, and a ruined outlook of your fake grass lawn. But now with our provided information, you can prevent these mistakes from happening and secure your valuable investment.

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