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What are the Best Ways to Clean Drain Pipes

Sometimes when you are struggling with a leaking pipe or a clogged drain, you secretly wish you had a plumber friend that you could call immediately and get out of this mess. Having free advice is something that everyone welcomes, and that is where a plumber friend can help you out. This way, you can fix your plumbing problems without paying a single penny. But not everyone has a plumber friend, so people usually have to go to professional plumbers to get even a small drainage problem sorted. This usually costs a lot and can sometimes prove to be a hassle because of all the trouble of finding a good plumber and then hiring him. To save yourself from such problems, you can clean your drain pipes yourself. Don’t worry if you don’t have a plumber friend; the following tips will help you immensely in cleaning drain pipes. So, let us have a look. 

1- Use Boiling Water

Boiling water is perhaps the easiest method that is widely used by plumbing services in Orlando to clean clogged drain pipes. Here is how it is done

  • Take at least 8 cups of water or 2 liters and add it to a pan to boil the water. Increase the heat constantly until the water starts boiling. Instead of a stove, you can also use a kettle or an electric heater to boil the water. 
  • Add a good amount of dishwashing liquid or a detergent to boiling water. Then turn off the flame of the gas stove and take the pan towards the drain pipe.
  • After that, gently tilt the handle of the pan and start draining the boiling water into the drain pipe. If you have pipes made of plastic, make sure you wait for at least 5 minutes to let the water get cooled inside the pipe. 
  • After draining the hot water in the pipe, open the tap with the water set at the highest temperature. If the drain pipe is blocked, this process might be repeated twice to remove debris stuck in the pipe

2- Household Vinegar and Baking Soda Solution

A simple household solution commonly used for cleaning and unclogging the drain pipes is Vinegar mixed with baking soda. When the two are mixed, the chemical reaction makes a solution that is in the form of a foam. This solution can help break down grease that can cause clogging of drain pipes. When the grease cools, it becomes sticky. Other types of debris can get stuck that settle on your lines. Even if you don’t pour a lot down the drain, you can still end up with grease in your sewer pipes. Grease can still build up over time and can be easily tackled using this solution. This combination also helps in the removal of smell and the accumulation of grease and bacteria. Furthermore, it is a great way to avoid clogged drains in the future. 

3- Washing Soda as an Alternative to Baking Soda

If baking soda fails to provide you with proper results and you want a stronger agent, plumbing services in Orlando recommend washing soda as its alternative. Washing soda is mainly used in detergents and is great for drain cleaning. What makes it stronger than baking soda is its stronger alkaline nature. To clean your drain pipe, drain some warm water into the sink, followed by a cup of washing soda. Then drain the washing soda present in the pipes by running the warm water through the tap. However, you must repeat the process if the water is still draining slowly.

4- Use Regular Detergents 

Regular detergents also called drain cleaners, are a perfect option for cleaning the drain pipes. Such detergents are found in many forms, such as foaming agents and enzymatic cleaners, and can be purchased easily. Traditional cleaners and foams can have chemicals that are harmful to the environment, while enzyme cleaners are made of natural materials. Follow these steps to clean the drains using these cleaners.

  • Since all the cleaners have different properties, reading instructions on the bottle is important to find out how long to leave the drain cleaner on before cleaning. You must not mix these cleaners as they can create toxic fumes. 
  • Enzyme cleaners are a perfect option if you use warm water with them. 
  • Following the instructions mentioned, drain the solution through the pipes. You will see a solution installed on top of the drain if there is clogging.
  • After you pour the cleaner down the drain, wash off the cleaner residue by running warm water through the pipe. Follow package directions for best results.

5- Use Caustic soda for Quick results

Plumbing services in Orlando recommend that caustic soda should be kept as the final option because it is dangerous and can cause corrosion. Also known as sodium hydroxide, you should wear safety glasses and rubber gloves when using caustic soda. Take extra care when using this chemical, and make sure that your surroundings are completely ventilated. To make this solution, add three-quarters of cold water and three cups of baking soda to the bucket. Use a wooden spoon to mix this solution. Pour the mixture into the clogged drain and let it run for 20-30 minutes. Run the warm water by the tap through the pipe to remove the mixture. If the drain is heavily clogged, this process might require repetitions. 

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