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What are the Best Real Money Games to Play in 2022?

When we have time to kill, many people like to play games to take a break from the stress of the day. Playing games can be an escape from reality that has a relaxing, fun outlet. No matter what genre you’re in, whether you are playing zombie survival games, scoring touchdowns on Madden, or completing tasks with friends online, playing games provides a surreal escape from the daily routine.

It’s easy for games to provide entertainment and enjoyment. But did you know that you can earn money while playing them? In today’s online world, there are plenty of opportunities to make money playing games with a smartphone in your pocket. There are a number of real money game websites that offer cash, gift cards, and prizes. Many of these real money games, which offer real money as the prize, are actually “free to play”.

In this article, here you’ll come to know about the 3 most popular online real money games in 2022.  Online real money games seem too good to be true right? Most people think that to earn money playing games one has to be an expert gamer, but there are indeed several apps and gaming platforms that pay rewards. Online games are fun, and they can make you money while you are playing.

Candy Feast

If the game playing is your thing, an opportunity awaits you. Candy Feast Game offers simple and easy-to-understand ways to make money rather than doing hard work! You can win amazing cash prizes, plus other rewards simply by playing games online.

It is safe to say that most online games that offer real cash prizes have been associated with reputable game platforms. These games bring their members the full experience of playing their favorite games in a life-like way and earn cash prizes for the same. Candy Feast Game has also been able to make players enjoy it without concern.

Thanks to technology, you can play games against friends on various devices and easily find websites offering online gaming and cash prizes. Thanks to these high-quality graphics, you’re bound to enjoy your experience while playing the game.

Get started on your journey to finding the best real money games to play in 2022 for you. Find out what they have to offer and download the AIO Games app so you can play the best games for 2022. AIO Games will offer registration bonuses that make your start easier.

In India’s favorite game, the Candy Feast, you can win amazing prizes by playing with high scores and accumulating points. The graphics and sound are what made this game so addicting in the first place, but now you can earn real cash while playing this game on AIO Games.

AIO Games is a leading gaming application for India that gives players entertainment and money. Data shows interest in gaming worldwide, especially for mobile games. Now is the time to recreate those days in a fast-paced life.

Candy Feast is a game that makes use of your hand-eye coordination to collect points. Players will compete for the highest score and the winner will earn the prize money. AIO Games’ user interface is easy and intuitive, so you’ll always be able to play in a smooth, responsive manner. Download the AIO Games application now!

Solitaire Game

One of the most popular card games worldwide is Solitaire. If you enjoy Solitary, try out this crisp and clear Solitaire Delights, a classic game for FREE on AIO Games. Cards are very popular in India and people can now play and earn real money online with Solitaire Delights.

AIO Games introduced innovative design to the online card gaming industry by providing users with an intuitive user interface and multiple cash contests. See how Solitaire Delights works. The advantages of playing these games online made these digital versions far more appealing than their physical counterparts. You get all the features you need on your mobile device, and it takes a whole lot of the hassle away.

Solitaire Game is a fun and skillful game that can entertain without strain as it brings you financial rewards. It’s easy to get started playing through AIO Games, which offers bonuses for certain actions. This platform has a user interface that will make the experience highly enjoyable.

Carrom Game

Carrom is a fun game that you can play with your friends and family, or challenge a friend or opponent online. With technology, this game has now become available online giving gamers the opportunity to play from anywhere and win cash prizes while they are at it.

Whether you use ‘online carrom games’ or ‘physical board’, there are only a few additions the creator has made to make the game challenging. Let’s walk step by step to get a basic understanding of online carrom games, and how it can be downloaded and mastered in order to win cash prizes. If you have never played with carrom, this information is for you, as it involves pocketing coins that are black, white, or red (a.k.a Queen) in colour.

There are certain established rules, but with the lack of adherence to them, some variations will be found. Despite that, the main objective remains the same which is scoring more coins & winning more points than your opponents to win.

Many platforms introduced an online version of the game, so you can also play with your family or friends! AIO Games introduced Carrom Combat where you could play with your loved ones, participate in tournaments and win real money.

If you want to connect with new players, playing Carrom board online is the perfect option. It allows you to play against a random opponent and see how you fare against them. You can test your skills on an advanced game board and discover new strategies as well.

AIO Games runs on a smooth UI and brings you the best gaming experience. At AIO Games, playing Carrom Combat not only gives you the recent update but also rewards time-sensitive money for playing games on your phone or tablet.

In carrom, the player is able to claim a color by achieving two successive strikes. Carrom games consist of a board with coins arranged in such a way that the object is to break two consecutively placed coins for possession and victory. The player who earns possession of both coins will be deemed the winner. In order to win, players should take coins only from the color of their choice.

The player needs to cover the Queen with their own coin or the opponent’s coin. If a player covers the Queen or their own coin, they win.


It’s rare to get paid for doing something you love, such as playing games. AIO Games offers players the chance to earn income while playing what they like. If you already enjoy gaming, this has the best real money games and is worth looking into AIO Games application as it will provide additional needs in addition to enhancing your game skills.

AIO Games is the platform that can be used in the future to make money and tomorrow is worth it. You can try out games at any of these best real money games in 2022. Head on over to the AIO Games app and give them a shot!

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