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What Are the Benefits of Choosing A Unique Clothing Brand Name?

If you love fashion, you might be considering opening up a fashion store or similar business. Opening up a business can be difficult and time-consuming. Many entrepreneurs might not realize how important it is to take the time to create a clothing brand names list, or carefully consider a business name. 

However, there are many benefits to choosing a unique and powerful business name for your clothing brand. Below are some of the many reasons you should take time in choosing your business name. Doing so can help you boost sales, grow your customer base, and improve your brand experience.

Stand-Out Among the Competition

One of the best ways to separate yourself from competitors is to choose a unique name for your business. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of choosing a brand name that closely resembles larger companies. However, 88% of people say they value brand authenticity. Instead of appearing like you are the next-best thing to your competitor, your clothing might seem like knock-off products.

For instance, the brand “Adidos” tries to closely resemble “Adidas” shoes. Not only can this knock-off hurt your brand’s image, but it can also lead to trademark lawsuits. It’s best to avoid these lawsuits altogether by choosing a name unique to your clothing brand.

Namify is an online name generator that helps create names based on keywords for a variety of different businesses. They can create a clothing brand names list instantly using keywords relevant to your business! For instance, if you sell “hippie clothing” you can input this term to generate names such as “The hippie connection” or “hippie gear.”

Improve Brand Experience

Surveys show that as many as 76% of customers would leave a brand if they had a negative customer experience. Brand experience is important to help maintain customers, keep them happy, and unify your brand. Your store’s name is one of the most important factors in helping improve the brand experience.

Brand experience is the experience a customer has with your store with their five senses. For example, the lighting of your store’s logo and how easy it is to find in the mall, the music you play in your clothing store, and website speed are all factors in brand experience. 

Brand experience also incorporates brand image. For instance, if your brand carries itself as an ultra-modern clothing brand, you wouldn’t expect a name like “Classic clothing,” or “Victorian wear.” Choosing a name that is relevant to your business is one easy way to improve your brand experience. Namify’s auto generator helps do just that by taking relevant keywords and creating a list of names for your clothing brand.  

Improve Social Media Visibility

Business owners should also choose a name that is available on social media. Around 72% of salespeople exceed their quota when using social media! This is great news for clothing stores that want to sell to other businesses, and that have salespeople ready to help customers on social media.

Choosing a name available on social media allows business owners to integrate their website, business name, and social media together to create a unified storefront online. Namify also checks the names it generates for social media availability.  Whichever name you choose for your clothing brand, double-check to make sure you can use it for a website and social media page. Taking the time to choose a unique name also protects you from lawsuits, and can help improve your customer’s experience.

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