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What are the 7 Habits of Highly Disengaged Employees

Employee disengagement is a serious issue in the workplace. It can lead to decreased productivity and apathy and even increase employee turnover. While there are many factors that can contribute to employee disengagement, there are also some common habits that highly disengaged employees tend to share. Read on to learn about the 7 habits of highly disengaged employees, so you can recognise them before it’s too late!

What are disengaged employees?

A highly disengaged employee is someone who is not fully committed to their job and feels little connection with the company they work for. Being a highly disengaged employee can manifest itself in different ways, such as low motivation, lack of enthusiasm, and difficulty completing tasks. It’s important to recognise these signs and address them quickly before they become problematic.

7 Habits of Highly Disengaged Employees

  1. They don’t meet deadlines. 
    Highly disengaged employees will often extend their deadlines as they have little motivation to finish tasks on time or feel as though they are not held accountable for their actions. This lack of discipline can be damaging to team morale and efficiency as other team members have to pick up the slack. 
  2. They lack initiative. 
    Highly disengaged employees are not motivated by opportunities for growth or development; instead, they rely heavily on instruction from management and do not take initiative when it comes to problem-solving or decision-making. This means that these individuals may not be able to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions for problems that arise in the workplace. 
  3. They don’t take ownership of their work. 
    Highly disengaged employees often fail to take ownership of their work and instead place blame on others when things go wrong or do not take responsibility for mistakes they have made. This is a major hindrance to team collaboration and will only hurt team morale in the long run if not addressed quickly by management. 
  4. They don’t communicate effectively with colleagues or managers. 
    Highly disengaged employees often fail to communicate openly with others in the workplace and may even avoid conversations altogether due to a fear of confrontation or criticism from peers or managers alike. This lack of communication leaves everyone else feeling frustrated, confused, and disconnected from one another, which further decreases productivity in the workplace overall.   
  5. They don’t ask questions or seek feedback from those around them. 
    Highly disengaged employees rarely ask questions or seek feedback from colleagues or managers regarding the projects they are working on because they believe that it is unnecessary or unimportant. Not asking for help can lead them down a path towards failure as important details may be overlooked without input from those who have experience in similar areas.  
  6. They don’t participate in team activities. 
    Highly disengaged employees often opt out of participating in any type of team-building activity because they feel uncomfortable engaging with co-workers outside of their normal duties. This could be detrimental to both individual success as well as team success because these activities help strengthen relationships between all members, which can lead to increased efficiency within teams overall.  
  7. They aren’t open-minded about change. 
    Lastly, highly engaged employees tend to resist change, no matter how small it may be, simply because they believe that nothing needs improvement within the workplace structure already established by management. Instead, these individuals should embrace change if positive results are expected, whether it be an updated policy procedure, new technology implementation, etc.   


Employee engagement is essential for any organisation’s success—without it, teams become disjointed and productivity suffers greatly over time. By understanding what sets highly engaged personnel apart from their more disengaged counterparts, you can create an environment where everyone feels connected, motivated, and empowered—and where your organisation succeeds!

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