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What Are Some Of The Most Common Mistakes That Hairstylists/ Marketers Make? 

Utilizing the same old campaigns for customer communication, you wouldn’t want to make the same mistakes twice, would you? You’d rather learn from them. We can all agree that we want your salon to keep bringing in new customers with your natural hair extensions, keep the ones you already have, and, of course, increase your bottom line. The most frequent marketing errors salon owners make in their businesses are listed below, along with suggestions for correcting them. 

Suitable Planning

Suitable planning. 

Give yourself enough time to organize, carry out, and modify your marketing strategy to develop a new one.  Before beginning, salon owners should consider the following.

  • How does the campaign fit into your larger strategy?
  • What objectives do you hope your campaign will help you achieve?
  • What are the effective metrics for measuring?
  • How much money has been set aside?
  • What channels would you use for communication? Email, social media, etc.

Redirecting The Creativity 

Redirecting the creativity 

It would help if you also used your creative talents for marketing as a salon owner. You should raise some interesting issues, such as the need for consumer protection through organic products, sulfate- and paraben-free ingredients, and cruelty-free goods, among others. We have a few possibilities:

  • You are blogging about specific products or popular subjects that interest your audience. Could you include them in your email campaigns?
  • To help promote your retail and services, you can also ask your customers to use a particular product while you monitor the results.
  • Make captivating videos to promote the goods you sell.

Getting Personal 

Getting personal 

As a customer, it always feels good to receive personalized content. Provide your customer’s name directly in the email or text message, or personalize the content based on their demographics. Segment your clientele according to their gender, age, and socioeconomic status. Create a unique strategy for each segment, then make your plans.

Using Videos 

Using videos 

This year, visual content will completely change the game. Videos are not a new medium, but the tools we use to watch them have changed how businesses market. These findings from the research:

  • 90% of users claim that videos are useful in helping them make decisions.
  • Comparing social videos to images and texts alone generates 1200% more shares.
  • In 2020, 80% of all consumer Internet traffic will be online video.

The Most Convenient Way to Connect with Your Clients

The most convenient way to connect with your clients 

If the answer to the following questions is “NO,” salon owners should look at some statistics.

Do you have a mobile-friendly e-blast? Do you send SMS marketing campaigns? Is your website responsive to mobile devices?

  • 75% of clients favor SMS offers
  • Customers have 10X more opportunities to use mobile coupons.
  • Mobile email opens have increased by 180% over the past three years.
  • 57% of users claim they will only recommend a company if its mobile website is well-designed.
  • According to Google, 61% of users will only return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing, with 40% choosing to go to a rival’s website.
  • 88% of customers who conducted a mobile search for a specific local business would call or go there within 24 hours.


We started our social media campaign. Building customer trust in your fake hair extensions  would result from switching to marketing tactics focused on social conversations with your clients. Once trust has been established, you will have a legion of devoted clients willing to pay more for your services. In this way, they’ll tell their friends about your company.

You can always check the Diva Divine website for more information and guidance.

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