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What Are Screw Type Air Compressors Used For?

screw type air compressor
screw type air compressor

Screw Type Air Compressor is a type of air compressor used for extracting air or compressed air from underground, groundwater, or below the surface of liquids and solids. The screw-type design has low energy consumption, which makes it suitable for use in remote areas. It is often used to extract natural gas from below the ground by drilling wells.

An electric motor typically drives the screw-type compressors, either centrifugal or axial flow types. Kaishan offers a variety of screw types of the reciprocating compressor with different capacities. These compressors are mainly used to extract air from mines and pump in the fields.

Usage of Screw Type Air Compressor

1. Screw Type Air Compressor is widely used in the mining industry to extract air from underground where there is a high concentration of water and gas. The screw-type compressors are used to remove water from underground wells. Using this compressor, there will be a certain amount of energy loss due to friction and the energy conversion stage. And there will also be a certain amount of energy loss resulting from air temperature, ambient temperature, and the load on the compressor. Therefore, to extract air at a certain rate, the screw-type compressor has to be designed to achieve a balance between these losses.

2.The extraction of compressed air from liquid or below the surface is another application for the screw-type air compressor in industrial settings. This type of compressor is utilized in a variety of industries, including the metal, wood, and electronics sectors.

3. In agriculture, air pumps are frequently employed. The fact that it may be used as a farm pump and for other similar uses makes it a very handy tool for agricultural reasons. Typically, this compressor is employed for water gathering, irrigation, the production of fertilizer, as well as possible vegetable growing and crop cultivation.

4. The screw-type air compressor can also be applied in the mining industry; the miners can use this device to extract water from underground or liquid at a high rate. That is a very effective method for extracting water from places where there is a very high concentration of water. On the other hand, this tool can also be used to draw air out of buildings. In high-rise buildings, screw-type air compressors are frequently employed to extract air. The employees can wear this tool as a backpack while working at heights, and they can also use it to breathe while they are away from their base camp.

5. The screw-type air compressor is frequently used in businesses where compressed air needs to be extracted from liquid or subsurface depths. This gadget, for instance, can be used to remove air from a hot water well using geothermal energy. Using this compressor, there will be a certain amount of energy loss due to friction and the energy conversion stage. 

6. Screw-type air compressors can pump air into the farm field by planting and spraying. This compressor is often used to spray herbicides, insecticides, and fertilizers in agriculture. In this case, it can also be used as a pump for diesel fuel or electricity needed to run the farm’s machinery.


We at Kaishan offer our customer a wide range of screw-type air compressors for a wide range of applications. All of our items have undergone quality inspections and meet the most recent industry requirements. We can promptly satisfy our customers’ needs thanks to the modern equipment and skilled labor in our manufacturing facility.

If you have any queries about screw types of the reciprocating compressor, feel free to contact us 1300 098 901.

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